The Missing Aspect of the Phrase: I LOVE YOU!

I love youA lot of us misconstrue the true meaning of love. For some of us it is about that special feeling without any form of responsibility. Love goes beyond all that, I personally think love can be summarised as seen below;

  • I---------- Investment is Mandatory.
  • L--------- Loyalty is Mandatory
  • O---------Opinions should be respected
  • V---------Vengeance is not Allowed
  • E---------Education should be at Par
  • Y---------You should learn to live with You
  • O---------Others will love and
  • U---------Understand you better when you love yourself.

Most of us don't love ourselves, that's why we can't love another. I LOVE YOU is a strong phrase, don't say it any how if you are not ready to;

  • Invest in those you claim to love;
  • Be loyal to them always;
  • Respect their opinions even when you think it is not making sense to you;
  • Avoid paying your loved ones back in their own coin when you feel cheated;
  • You should also be ready to bring them up to the level of your understanding if you are more learned than they are; Last but not the least, before you commit to anyone,
  • Learn to love and pamper yourself first.

If you are stingy to yourself, you will always be stingy to others. Hope you are having a great day people?

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