The Character of an Average Igbo Lady from Across the Niger

igbo ladies

Whatever I am about to say does not hold true for every Igbo Lady from the East, I may have met the wrong set of Igbo Ladies or perhaps it was just bad luck but, my experience was personal and not in any way related to my experience while dealing with ladies from other tribes other than those from the East.

Igbo Ladies Are Often So Opinionated.

From experience, I want to say that the average Igbo lady from the East, is often so opinionated that no matter what you say or do, whether right or wrong they always like to give their own opinion which often times may be to support your argument but with the stance that that they have a contrary opinion. Without any intention to confuse anyone, the average Igbo Lady from the East, instead of simply concurring will make you feel she’s against you while repeating what you have said in a different way in other to hear her own expression.

Personally, this attitude gets to me and in a bid to set things in their proper perspective, it turns out or they make you feel that you are trying to argue with them whereas they were the ones who brought about the confusion in the first place. As if that is not enough, they want to be in control of everything you do, how you eat, how you dress up ("You should wear your shirts first" kind of control), how you eat or whatever thing you do to personally get your groove on.

My dear, living is a choice and being with you is also a choice.

If you really think everything I do is wrong no matter how I try to do it, I would like to remind you that I never said I was perfect and I never signed up to be dating a perfect person and sincerely not everything I do or am doing is wrong and secondly there was once a lady in my life who never saw me doing all the wrongs.

Thirdly, that’s the door if I am not the perfect guy for you. At least I know for a fact that I was never wrong when I bought those fancy clothes or gave you the money for your hair or when I paid for that accommodation. I was not wrong when gave in to your whims and caprices over what you wanted for yourself, I wonder why I am suddenly and senselessly wrong when I need some of those treats for myself as well.

Could loving you endlessly be my curse?

The average Igbo Lady from the East will make you feel like you are not competent and efficient because everything you do is not just good enough for them, in fact if you ask me, I think your life would not still do if it was offered as a dead sacrifice to make them happy, I often times wonder what they really want from their men.

And when a man starts feeling moody, bitter and crazy over stupid and senseless arguments that should never have sufficed and you suddenly want out , you begin to hear statements like; You are a difficult man to live with I congratulate the woman that can stay with you. Point of correction dear, I am not so difficult in wanting things to be fair enough, in fact I am so simple to the point that in your quest for more from me, you get confused and miss the whole point.

You don’t need to congratulate the lady that will finally be able to stay with me because I had her and in my quest for glitters, I missed her and ended up with you. If I am really difficult as you have concluded, that’s the door, go and find a simple man, I am just not that guy going by your assertion.

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