Trump Fans Can Never Reason Like Real Humans

trump fansHere in Nigeria you are always quick to shout yourself hoarse that your problems has its roots deeply in the Northern hegemonic rule of cabals. You believe so much in this narrative. You believe that the country's political system was deliberately skewed in favour of the northern region of the country to oppress others.

This line of thought has become your belief and religion.

This is your narrative.

And you would not take it kindly with anyone attempting to tell you otherwise. You believe in Biafra. You believe that other parts of Nigeria hates Biafra. You believe that Nigeria is systematically undermining Biafra. You believe that the underdevelopment of Biafra has been institutionalized by Nigeria. You believe that Nigeria deliberately murdered Biafrans during the civil war. You strongly desire that Nigeria should pay reparations to Biafra.

This again is your narrative.

God save anyone who dared to change it. But when African Americans talk about racism, institutionalized racism, slavery, you are always the first person to tell them to shut up. You are always quick to tell them to stop playing the victim mentality card. You are always quick to tell them to move on. You are always quick to tell them that slavery is a choice.

This is the narrative you wish to maintain.

Yet you can not move on and accept that Northern hegemonic rule in Nigeria is also a choice, or that the pogrom or the murder of Biafrans was also a choice. Why do you wish to live with your own narrative, but at the same time denying others to live with theirs? The miseducation of many black people the world over is the biggest challenge facing the race. These morons are always apologetic and desirous of being more white than the white themselves. These blacks would sympathize with the Jews for the Holocaust which is being commemorated yearly by the Jews.

To this day, these are the black people who still curse Pharaoh for enslaving the Jews, yet they chide their own race for not moving on. Every blessed day he reads in his Bible about how the Jews were enslaved by Pharaoh in Egypt, but turns around to chide his own race for daring to talk about the slave trade.

He sympathizes with Arabs in Gaza's strip yet he passes snide remarks on his race for talking about slavery. These miseducated morons are our biggest challenge. Tell me the choice you have when faced with higher intelligence that is also backed by the power of the gun powder?

These morons have no clue. Yet they do not wish to learn. Many of them have not seen the perimeter of any international airport before, yet claim to understand the experiences of the African Americans.

They are just too mentally attached to Trump to reason like real humans.

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