5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Group Membership

Today I’ll be listing FIVE ways in which you can get more members to your Facebook group(s).

1. Add Existing Friends

The first step to take after creating a Facebook group is to add your Facebook friends to the group. You must bare in mind that not all of them will remain. Some will leave when they get notified but some will stay anyway.

2. Keep The Group Active and Addictive

You need to keep the group active or it will not grow. Try to post regularly and randomly. Also allow members to make posts on the group. Ask questions, do contests or giveaways if possible, etc to engage the members and keep them coming back. This will help keep the existing members from leaving the group, as well as, spur them to add their friends thus increasing the membership.

3. Use Keywords In Group Name

Use necessary keywords in your group name. Not your name, not some unknown slang, not a hating or vulgar word. If your group is about blogging, comedy, etc, then it should bare those keywords so that your group will be recommended by Facebook or show up in Facebook search. You can also add popular celebrities’ names to the group name to get their fans.

4. Add More Admins

When you add more admins to your group (preferably friends), you can get them to also add their friends to the group thus increasing it’s membership.

5. Allow Users To Post

At times, Facebook groups which restrict members from posting on the group wall tends to wither away and be like a graveyard in due time even if it has thousands of members. So it’s advisable to permit members to share their thoughts on the discussion wall. So that’s it. Ways you can apply to increase your Facebook groups membership.

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