How To Hide Your Facebook Profile From Search Engines

Sometimes we just need the privacy, especially from some Foes. Okay, probably so that someone doesn’t gain unnecessary access to our Facebook profile information which serves as one of our e-passport bearing most if not all our details.

We wouldn’t want some foreign/international number (fake one for that matter) calling us one faithful hungry day (after praying for financial breakthrough) claiming to know us and even providing convincing evidence (obviously picked up from our Facebook profile) and furthermore tell us they want to send one good or the other to us to help them sell for a huge mouth-watering sum, blah blah blah.....................

(You know the story with these Yahoo Guys or don't you?

And we end up giving them all our money and even going as far as borrowing to cover the importation fee or the other. And at the end, we'll be in BIG TROUBLE!!!

Okay that aside, here’s How to stop your Facebook profile from being found on search engines:

  • Click the Account tab on the top right corner of your profile page and select the “Privacy Settings” option.
  • You should find this prompt- “Who can look me up?” And furthermore “Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?”,
  • Set this option as “OFF”.
  • Finito!

Do note that it may take some time for some search engines to loose access to your profile information. So you’ll have to be a few days patient for this feature to work.

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