4 Simple Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers

Getting friends on Facebook is quite easier than getting followers on twitter. Only popular persons such as celebrities can easily get thousands to millions of followers easily because they already have fans who would love to associate with them on social media. However, there are some ways you can easily raise your tweeter followers online but you will have to work a little more than normal to get positive results.

So today, I’ll share four ways to increase your followers on twitter;

1. Friends:

Ask your friends who are on twitter for their username and follow them and let them follow you back. You can ask them for it on other social platform such as Facebook, your meeting places such as schools, churches, etc.

2. Be Active:

Tweet, re-tweet, favorite tweets, reply tweets, etc. Let it be more texts and less links. If your twitter handle is just about sharing links, getting followers would be frustrating and a nearly impossible feat.

3. Follow Others:

Twitter is a platform which upholds and promotes the adage “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. You have to follow others for them to equally follow you. This is the best way to increase your followers. If you follow up to 1000 persons, you’re likely to get up to 500 of them following you back.

You can mention those who you followed but haven’t reciprocated the gesture. Of course, you are likely going to have more following than followers especially in the beginner’s stage. The follow ratio of your following to your followers should fluctuate around “2:1” “3:1” “4:1” “5:2”. You can later on reduce the ratio difference by not following those who didn’t follow back. This can easily be done by using some online third-party twitter apps, which I may post about later on.

Your best bet is to follow the followers of popular users with lots of followers but ensure that these users are those having the same interest as you. E.g. if you’re a comedian, your best bet is to follow the followers of a popular comedian, if you’re a relationship blogger, then you are expected to follow the followers of those into relationship. You can easily spot them out using hashtags and twitter search.

That way your tweets will be relevant and not ignored by your new set of followers and convert to extra traffic to your blog or profile.

4. Have A Detailed Profile:

Having a profile picture and bio can come in handy. Most persons don’t like socializing with faceless persons online. So to encourage people to follow you, you need to have your picture there. And if you’re good looking, e.g. a beautiful girl, you get a comparative advantage.

Also your Bio can help you out. Simply use hashtags related to what you do and ensure to encourage users to follow you by putting a message in your bio stating in a pleasing tone that you will follow back who follows you and those who you follow should follow back.

When they are alerted that you followed them, they will see your bio and then follow back. After all, everybody wants to be followed. So that’s it. With a little bit of time dedication, you could grow your twitter follower-ship to thousands in just a few days.

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