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Was the ghost of late INEC Returning Officer of Kano hovering in the air when IG Idris visited Kano to deliver his speech that becomes TRANSMISSION and TRANSMITTED?

Many might have forgotten that the current IG , Idris was the CP of Kano State when Buhari polled 2Million votes and Jonathan only 150,000 in the last 2015 election. The then INEC Returning Officer in Kano was burnt to death together with his family in their home, immediately after the election and the result announced.

Till date no arrest nor was anything found as the cause of the fire .


As if it is a payback for a job well done, CP Idris was promoted to IGP over 12 other senior CPs, over 22 senior AIGs, and of course over the 7 most senior DIG police officers to become IGP immediately Buhari was sworn in.

Every other officer that was senior to CP Idris was retired just to make way for the now IG Idris to occupy this highest position.

Corruption is not only when you embezzle money. There are several forms of corruption that have been prevalent in our governance, nepotism is one of them.

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When you see most couples in Nigeria, the first question that will pop into your mind is, is she his mother or wife?

Why Does She Look Older than Her Husband? The reason why men look more younger than their wives is because of bad marriage. If you want to tell a bad marriage, look at the wife and measure her looks with her husband. If the husband is looking radiant, and the wife is looking haggard, then it’s obvious the man is an oppressor.

Remember I used the word “Haggard” which explicitly points on the criteria of a state of mind. Not on the issue of fashion or cleanliness. It has nothing to do with poverty or that the couple are struggling, if it’s true the couple are going through hardship, then it will also affect the man. But when the man is looking fresh, and the wife is looking all moody and oldie, then the suppressor is the husband and the wife is the victim. When you see a woman who is enjoying her marriage, she looks younger and happier.

She glows in the night, and flourish in the day. Even with the chores at home and having to constantly shout at the kids to behave, you will hardly notice any wrinkle in her face even as she ages, because she is happy in her marriage. Her husband is her pride and joy. But when a man suppresses his wife emotionally and physically, she goes into a web of depression which affects her well being and reflects in her face and lifestyle.

She eats poorly, dress poorly and succumb herself to pity and shame, she grows fatter or skinny, and her youth will hide behind the scars, making her look older husband. This is the reason why most men are ashamed to be seen with their wives in public, whereas he is the architect of her misfortune. They prefer to take their side chick on occasions and parties, and leave the fat or skinny and haggard wife at home.

Solution: (For Women) Apart from God, No one can love you more than you. When you give up on yourself, you have sinned against your very soul. Yes, it’s hard having to live with an abusive or nonchalant husband, but the truth is, you can even command your husband to love and respect you by you first loving and respecting yourself.


Yes it’s possible.

  • What makes you happy?
  • What do you derive joy doing?

You know your desires, your wants, things that make you happy, you must grasp unto that;

1. Try as much as possible to rekindle with your old friends you have lost touch with (Most of you women throw away your friends just because you married). They will help you light up those fire you use to have for pursuing your desires for career, business, inventions and dreams.

2. Hang out with them and make yourself happy as long as you are not going against the law of God.

3. Go to church services and dedicate more of your time with people of God and draw close to word of God. It will mostly help you in times of lonely nights as you can sing praises, read your Bible and pray.

4. Find something doing no matter how little, it will help keep your sanity in check. Never allow yourself to be idle. Do not labour, but find a chore or a work to do. When you labour much, you age quickly and at the end it always affect your health. You need to cater for the kids? It’s not only your job as long as your husband lives, he should be subjected to play his role by the law, unless a case he is an infidel or disabled.

5. Look beautiful always. Try little makeup, buy yourself some new clothes you can afford. Bath every morning, and look good, bath in the night and feel fresh. It helps you keep your emotions intact. Never believe that you are too old to make up your face, wear nice fitting clothes, make your hair.

6. Eat healthier. Do not consume yourself in calories and make yourself fatter. Eat good foods, eat fish which helps your skin glow. Eat fruits and vegetables. But most importantly, eat what you are comfortable with and happy eating. As you are happy eating it, the happier your soul rejoices, and healthy you will look.

7. Avoid getting into fight with your husband. If you notice, when women fight with their husband, they tend to talk and shout more while the man will drop a bombshell and walk away. Shouting increases your blood levels because you are agitated and angry. This is most reason why most women suffer hypertensive more than men. Learn to control your emotions, don’t let your emotions control you. You are in charge. No matter how much your husband has irritated you, walk away. By doing so, you are creating for yourself a revenue to live longer.

8. Spend time with your kids. They are your joy but do not forget, as a mother you need time to rejuvenate. Spend time with yourself, watch your favorite movies, browse Facebook and make new friends, join good Facebook pages and groups and learn about the goods things of life.

9. If you can read, read novels, inspirational books and most importantly your Bible. * Buy earphone, plug it on your phone, lie on the bed and listen to your favorite music’s or radio stations. Do everything possible to keep your body and soul together.

When you came into this earth, you came without a husband, and you will depart this world without your husband, so why die for marriage?

Why allow yourself wallow up in pity and shame because your husband doesn’t treat you good? You have God, and you have YOU.

Dissolution: Its hard but simple. If you as a woman is a victim of Domestic violence; walk away from that marriage. Yes the society will blame you, your pastors will criticize you, and your husband’s people will condemn you; but there is one who understands your pain, and neither does he judge or condemn you. That person is God. He has heard your cries all these while, but what you can do for yourself, God cannot come down from his throne to do it for you.

He has given you the power to decide from right and wrong, to make the right choice for yourself, and when you make that choice, God will help you fulfill it. Yes God hates divorce, but then Jesus said to them, “It’s because of the hardness of your hearts towards your wives, that Moses gave the law of divorcement”

God knows every man’s heart, and as much as God hates divorce because marriage is a holy union, yet he allowed the law so that many victims of bad marriage might be spared. If God understands your pain, why would you care what others think of you? There is a saying, “Anything that has no remedy should go without a regard”

Some marriages are irreparable, so why stick around? You might say, it’s because of your kids; but if you die in that marriage, you have made your kids even more vulnerable for another woman to come in and use them as servants. If you are financially decapitated, first Save yourself from that marriage, get yourself up and running, fix yourself then come back and find appropriate legal terms to help you with legal custody of your kids.

But if you are financially enabled, still get out with your kids, and find appropriate legal terms for their full or divided custody to avoid future unwanted occurrences. Most times, the love we have for our kids blinds women to remain in violent marriages.

One thing is clear, the fight and battles in that marriage is already ruining the lives of your kids. Your sons are learning the punching styles, and your daughters are having bad image of what marriage is all about. So why stick around? What you cannot repair, you can discard. But what you can repair, you can maintain

Whatever I am about to say does not hold true for every Igbo Lady from the East, I may have met the wrong set of Igbo Ladies or perhaps it was just bad luck but my experience was personal and not in any way related to my experience while dealing with ladies from other tribes other than those from the East.

Igbo Ladies Are Often So Opinionated From experience, I want to say that the average Igbo lady from the East, is often so opinionated that no matter what you say or do, whether right or wrong they always like to give their own opinion which often times may be to support your argument but with the stance that that they have a contrary opinion. Without any intention to confuse anyone, the average Igbo Lady from the East, instead of simply concurring will make you feel she’s against you while repeating what you have said in a different way in other to hear her own expression.

Personally, this attitude gets to me and in a bid to set things in their proper perspective, it turns out or they make you feel that you are trying to argue with them whereas they were the ones who brought about the confusion in the first place. As if that is not enough, they want to be in control of everything you do, how you eat, how you dress up (you should wear your shirts first kind of control), how you eat or whatever thing you do to personally catch your trips.

My dear, living is a choice and being with you is also a choice. If you really think everything I do is wrong no matter how I try to do it, I would like to remind you that I never said I was perfect and I never signed up to be dating a perfect person and sincerely not everything I do or am doing is wrong and secondly there was once a lady in my life who never saw me doing all the wrongs.

Thirdly, that’s the door if I am not the perfect guy for you. At least I know for a fact that I was never wrong when I bought those fancy clothes or gave you the money for your hair or when I paid for that accommodation. I was not wrong when gave in to your whims and caprices over what you wanted for yourself, I wonder why I am suddenly and senselessly wrong when I need some of those treats for myself as well.

Could loving you endlessly be my curse? The average Igbo Lady from the East will make you feel like you are not competent and efficient because everything you do is not just good enough for them, in fact if you ask me, I think your life would not still do if it was offered as a dead sacrifice to make them happy, I often times wonder what they really want from their men.

And when a man starts feeling moody, bitter and crazy over stupid and senseless arguments that should never have sufficed and you suddenly want out , you begin to hear statements like; You are a difficult man to live with I congratulate the woman that can stay with you. Point of correction dear, I am not so difficult in wanting things to be fair enough, in fact I am so simple to the point that in your quest for more from me, you get confused and miss the whole point.

You don’t need to congratulate the lady that will finally be able to stay with me because I had her and in my quest for glitters, I missed her and ended up with you. If I am really difficult as you have concluded, that’s the door, go and find a simple man, I am just not that guy going by your assertion.

Don’t get it twisted. I am a Christian and I am not writing this article with bias but with a great sense of sadness and love, at the same time, at the injustices and deception at which darkness take the place of light.

The church is now a business entity that is making money out of its members. Instead of giving, it is taking and with force. In the Bible an important verse tells the Israelite to bring their tithes to the presence of God and he would bless them for doing so.

This is one-tenth of their income. It can be found in the book of Malachi 3:10. Here is the New International Version of this same verse: “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, says the LORD Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

This verse has been used by many ‘men of God’ to strip the members of their congregation to the point of no return. Assets have been sold, crimes have been committed, homes have been destroyed and couples have separated because of this verse. I am aware we live by faith and every man is an image of his faith. So I may also add that blessings have come to many who adhere strictly to this same verse by faith.

But here is something most churches don’t tell their congregations about their tithes. It should be done in secret. Some churches go to the extent of publishing the names of those who give and those who do not give. Some call out the members who tithe in front of the congregation and the entire congregation bless them openly. By and large, those who are called Christians are those who behave like Christ.

So it would be right to say that Jesus’ views on tithe giving is very important. Let’s look at what Jesus himself said about giving of tithe. “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”- Mat 6:1-4 What Jesus is saying here is “when you draw attention to your giving, the respect and awe you’ve inspired becomes your reward—invalidating further blessings”. This is so true and a food for thought.

When you draw attention to your giving by displaying it, you are not doing it for the Glory of God but for self. But to find the true self one must deny the false self. By showing off your deeds you become a hypocrite – nothing more and nothing less. Another thing the Christian role model said that should be of concern is that there are more important issues in the law that must be of greater concern to the man who gives tithes.

Let’s see what Jesus said in Mat 23:23 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others.” When a Christian gives his/her tithe and ignores being merciful, doing what is right and being faithful, this is a sign of being short-sighted and vulgar.

We reap what we sow. By not being merciful you reap cruelty from others. Little wonder the world seems like a cruel world even though there are many churches scattered around every nooks and crannies of the world. Many so called religious people who pay their tithes are unjust. They are those in the seat of government in many countries. They rob the country and donate generously in church “to be seen by men”. That is corruption.

I am of the view that only one a few sentences by Christ determines how God would judge us all. You may disagree with me but truth is like a monument covered with a veil. You discover it’s fullness only by opening it. And by trying it you discover it to be true. “Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, INHERIT THE KINGDOM PREPARED FOR YOU FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

Then shall the righteous answer him, saying;

  • Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?
  • When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?
  • Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.“- Matt 25: 34-40.

Little wonder Christ said blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. It is only those who receive mercy that can inherit God’s Kingdom. This is because our “righteousness are like filthy rags” in the presence of God. We wouldn’t be asked how much we donated in tithes and offerings. Because our cash belongs to the country whose emblem or seal is on it. Remember “give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and unto God what belongs to God”. Ceasar is the title given to the emperor Rome in those days and synonymous to the president of today.

What belongs to God can be found in Psalm 51: 16-17 “For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” If most churches would literally follow Christ teaching and believe Peter is the rock by which the church is built on then the last 3 commandments of Christ to him must be important to the church.

These 3 commandments are:

  • 1. Feed my sheep
  • 2. Feed my sheep
  • 3. Feed my sheep

And not strip the “sheep” of it's resources. It was a warning and a plea at the same time. God bless us all.

Many talk about her, many admire her, she's just like a star shinning for the world to see.

The goodness in her exudes all good character traits and the joy of her love is strong, it brings happiness. She works with her hands and takes good care of her home. She comforts her husband in times of trouble. She teaches her children and trains them well.

She will not allow them to depart from the truth because she has them in her heart and wishes to inculcate that goodness in the heart of everyone around her. There is so much to be said about a virtuous woman but Not enough time to tell. Proverb 18 and 22 says; Whoever finds a wife, Who is a woman, Finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord; They will remain together Till death do them part.

A virtuous woman is not slothful in business and serving the Lord is all she desires in her heart. Evil thoughts will never be found in her mind, or even in her heart. Her husband trusts her, everybody around her admires her. Decency is the word she speaks. Her man? He will never let her go no matter what you say. She dresses accordingly to make her husband proud. She speaks with a gentle voice, not very loud.

She is always doing things to get her husband's praise, sometimes just watching her will keep him so amazed. A virtuous woman is strong and worth more than rubies itself; and when her family hurts, she hurts more herself. She is more concerned about people's feelings. A woman shall be praised If she is a woman that fears the Lord. A virtuous woman qualifies with mind, spirit, soul and heart.

Talking about this woman, does she exist in this nation?

This is a question every girl needs to answer.

  • How virtuous are you?
  • Can you be trusted with little things?
  • How often do you support evil?
  • How often do you mislead people?
  • How often do you gossip about others?
  • Are you a thing of gladness and joy to people around you?

If one conducts self examination and can give positive answers to this, only then will we know that she has the qualities of a virtuous woman...

A lot of us misconstrue the true meaning of love. For some of us it is about that special feeling without any form of responsibility. Love goes beyond all that, I personally think love can be summarised as seen below;

  • I---------- Investment is Mandatory.
  • L--------- Loyalty is Mandatory
  • O---------Opinions should be respected
  • V---------Vengeance is not Allowed
  • E---------Education should be at Par
  • Y---------You should learn to live with You
  • O---------Others will love and
  • U---------Understand you better when you love yourself.

Most of us don't love ourselves, that's why we can't love another. I LOVE YOU is a strong phrase, don't say it any how if you are not ready to;

  • Invest in those you claim to love;
  • Be loyal to them always;
  • Respect their opinions even when you think it is not making sense to you;
  • Avoid paying your loved ones back in their own coin when you feel cheated;
  • You should also be ready to bring them up to the level of your understanding if you are more learned than they are; Last but not the least, before you commit to anyone,
  • Learn to love and pamper yourself first.

If you are stingy to yourself, you will always be stingy to others. Hope you are having a great day people?

One of my best friends in high school, (I’ll call him Mike) grew up in a single-family home. Mike never knew his dad, and his mother was wantonly promiscuous. All three of her children were born out of wedlock to different men. She raised them to follow in her footsteps.

Her two daughters were versed at using their beauty and bodies to manipulate men. The three women would tell Mike all of the time that he was going to be a heart breaker and they trained him on how to be one. They showed Mike how to seduce women and how to gain control of a woman’s emotions.

Although he was still in high school, Mike had become a master of seduction! When I saw how the girls swooned over him, my mind was made, I wanted to be like Mike! He agreed to school me on the rudiments of being a player. Me and countless other boys always wondered what Mike said to these girls to get them to fall in love with him and to have sex with him.

I sincerely thought he was going to show me some super smooth moves and give me some dazzling words to say. Instead, the only thing he taught me was how to be a liar! He told me to lie about everything: my age, the grade I was in, and anything I could think of to convince a female to have sex with me! He showed me how to instantly get a girl’s attention and how to look a girl in the eyes and say, “I love you,” even though I didn’t love her.

He instructed me on how to evade her or break-up with her after I got into her panties. He showed me other tactics such as how to turn a virgin out, how to manipulate girls and how to date two or three females at the same time. After he was all said and done, I no longer wanted to be like Mike.

From Protectors To Predators… From Princes to Pimps, Multitudes of males in our society are like Mike, they have been indoctrinated to be predators rather than protectors, princes and knights in pining armor rather than Knights in shining armor. These males have even arrogantly crept into the church pews! It was a common thing for Mike to prey upon and then seduce untrained church girls.

After he stole their virginity and broke their hearts, he would laugh and giggle about his destructive sexual exploits. When we graduated from high school, I lost contact with Mike, but the females whose lives he stained with his presence, I still see every now and then.

Some of them never recovered. Mike never looked back to see if he had impregnated any of those girls. He never checked upon them to see if any of them had aborted his child, or contracted a sexually transmitted disease from him. He never cared if he caused any of them to be heartbroken, depressed, bitter, vengeful or suicidal. To Mike, it was all fun and games. Sex was just a sport and females were his trophies.

Since being in the ministry, my path has crossed countless women who have been wounded, scarred, and damaged by males like Mike.

How do these females react to being exploited, dismissed, dumped, kicked to the curb, used and abused?

The answer may alarm you…

If you are not surprised by all the noise generated by the clothing allowance of our National Assembly, that is because you have that endemic disease called ‘short memory’ that affects almost all Nigerians.

We forget easily. Since the dawn of this democracy, the salaries of Senators and House of Representatives members have always been a hot potato topic. But we have never actually done anything to address it, instead we have seen it increase geometrically to what it is today. As at 2014, the budget of NASS was 150 billion naira annually.

How is it justifiable to spend that amount of money on just 360 people in an economy where the minimum wage is 18k per month.

Back in 2010 when Goodluck Jonathan was still the acting president, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the then Central Bank Governor, complained in one of those talk shops top government functionaries like to attend, that the recurrent expenditure of the NASS was not justifiable for an economy the size of Nigeria. What he was saying in effect was that NASS is the biggest parasite of the Nigerian treasury. Giving nothing and taking out as much as possible.

The NASS members were outraged, not because they haven't heard something like this before, but this was the first time a senior member of the government had actually come out to condemn their budget. They summoned him, along with the then minister of finance, Segun Aganga, to come and explain to them how those figures came about. We all knew the purpose of the summons was to get Sanusi to recant and apologize to them for embarrassing the NASS, while Aganga's role was to hold Sanusi’s hand while he is eating humble pie.

In any case, Sanusi stood his ground. Refused to apologize and refused to recant in spite of the threats by the NASS to engineer his sack as the CBN Governor. They were all shocked into blubbering inanity when Sanusi told them sacking him will not make a jot of difference to him because the position of head of the CBN was not a birthright he had to guard jealously at the expense of the truth. It was Aganga that surprised me in all of this. In the face of the vitriol from the NASS members, he retreated into an incoherent mess.

Unable to defend the figures that were produced by his ministry. The same figures Sanusi used to back up his claims. I was really disappointed in Aganga that day. This was a world class financial analyst who until his appointment, was a Managing Director in the world renowned international finance behemoth, Golden Sachs International of London, in charge of hedge funds; a man whose intellect was not to be sniffed at. This was the man that lost his nerve in front of that ragtag mob who fancy themselves honorables.

The case of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi vs NASS was the closest we ever came in trying to unravel how the common wealth was being wasted by just 360 people. So all the noise surrounding the issue is nothing to a man with the memory of an elephant like me. Just like the previous noises, Nigerians will always forget and move on to other fanciful and trending issues. I guess that is why nothing important ever gets done in Nigeria.

Of all the religions, Christianity and Islam are the main religions being practiced in Nigeria today. This article will focus on Christianity. I’m sure a couple of people have heard the word “Christendom” being used often. Basically Christendom refers to the part of the world where Christianity prevails.

It refers to Christians , their lifestyle and every aspect of them. A lot of ideologies about Christianity exists. Ideologies pertaining to how Christians are meant to live, act, and worship. Infact, while some believe that it is a religion others believe that it is not just a religion but a lifestyle that should be adopted by every Christian.

The deal now is that we have those that practice it as a religion and those that actually live it as a lifestyle. But the most interesting set of folks are those that are on the fence. They are neither here nor there. I call them the “In-between Christians”.

Two days religiosity, two days real Christians, why can’t you just belong somewhere? When things are in their favour, when everything is good they are real Christians, and they say and preach the true word as it is in the bible. Conversely, when things don’t go their way or they want to get something, they forget all about God.

That’s when you’ll hear comments like; “Guy forget the bible please“! “Lets face reality abeg”, As if those living the true life of Christ are being unrealistic. They twist scriptures to defend their selfish acts. These are the “In-between Christians”. Another set of “In between Christians” are the ones that use the cover of titles to perpetrate their nefarious acts. These are the most interesting category.

They by themselves ordain themselves pastors and begin to do evil and unimaginable things, they live double lives, misleading innocent people. We have heard of pastors who sleep with church members deceiving them into thinking it is a spiritual exercise, very terrible. A lot of times I have said to myself that if I wasn’t a Christian and I desire to become one, after seeing the way a lot of Christians live I would not even venture to be one.

Many Christians are hypocrites! They are Christians in church and totally different set of people outside the church premises. Some folks are ready to respect and even lie down for the pastor in church but they have no regard for anyone else.

Why the fake lifestyle?

Some people can even spend the night cleaning the church but to sweep in their houses will sound like an insult to them, if you ask them to do such. My advice to everyone, don’t be an “in-between Christian” live the true life of Christ both in church and outside the church. Don’t choose to be nice to your church members alone, everyone needs to be shown love.

The simple seemingly little love you show someone today can change their life forever. SHALLOM!

The best option for a lot of folks is to read and know the word so that you won't be blown about by every wind of change, and every thing that people say.

I may just be wrong about everything I have written above and so I would love to hear your view concerning this matter;

Cancer is not a disease and so, should not be treated.

Cancer is anti-life; it is more or less the accumulation of all anti-biological toxins that you have taken in your life time which are rampant in all scientifically processed foods; Sardines, Table Water, Corn Beef, Biscuits, Bread, Soft Drinks and so many other negative western values that we have imbibed as Africans over time (Drinking and Smoking).

The human body is a natural being and should be fed or nutrified with natural nutrition, anything short of that is tantamount to having a cancerous body depending on the makeup of your body. What I am saying is not hidden and even American scientists know it but they will never admit the truth for fear of losing their jobs. I have nothing to lose, but I have life to give in the letters of my piece. Let him who has ears, hear this today.

When you have a running nose or you are sweating, it is natural for us to try to get cool and fresh air but while doing that you may actually be preventing nature’s best doctor from doing its natural job of cleansing your body. The human body needs to sweat and a running nose is all part of the process of body detoxification. If you really want a cure for cancer, consult your body, it knows how to get rid of cancer cells. It only needs your assistance by means of providing your body with natural nutrition.

Do you have cancer?

Run away from the hospital right now, it is only a quick death that you will find in the hospital and the reason is not farfetched; you cannot use a rope to chase out a snake from your domain, use a cutlass or a stick. The drugs that will be administered are scientifically produced and as such are anti-life. The reason why malaria is so rampart these days is not because the body cannot fight it, but because we have denied the body the basic nutrients that it needs to fight all forms of diseases that attack the human body.

People now prefer eating Indomie Noodles to boiling rice and making a decent and life saving stew because it is quicker and easier to prepare and probably sweeter than rice. This is just an example of the changes that have occurred in recent times about our feeding habits and seriously nothing is being done about it.

We even consciously justify ourselves by saying boil with vegetables, tomato and sardines and you have a balanced diet, balanced diet my foot, cancerous balanced diet you mean? What’s healthy about dead fishes preserved in cans with lots of preservatives to prevent them from smelling, or you think fishes don’t get rotten? If you are down with cancer, you just might be lucky if you act fast and by acting fast I mean changing all there is about your mode of nutrition, it is time to survive on a diet of fruits and fresh water.

You can boil water coming out from your borehole, it is safer than table water which gets purified with chlorine. Come to think of it, we actually pay huge sums of money to get cancer (getting nutrition the wrong way) and yet, we can hardly find a doctor who can help us get rid of this devastating epidemic, not because there isn’t one but because we take our body for granted, remember, it is God’s temple.

I’ll rest my pen hear even when there is so much to say. If you need more clarifications, use the comment box, thank you.

making money online

If you critically ask yourself this one question; “Why am I still battling with making money online?

The reality that sets in is the fact that you are yet to do something right and this simply means you have been doing everything wrong to make money online. It takes just one moment and one time experience to realize what works for you and afterwards, the ability to make money online becomes a normal activity for life. I am not here to beat about the bush, but simply to nudge you towards what may work for you and away from what may not work, different strokes for different folks.

There are things some men do, on first dates, in meetings, and just about everywhere else, and it does not do you any favours.

So here are the things you, as a man could be doing right now that really turn us women off.

Neediness is dating death:

Don’t rely on her for approval and validation. That’s the surest way to make her run. Show her that you’re a man who can take care of your life. If you’ve just met, don’t “open up” to her with all of your fears and insecurities, She’s not your mom.

Talks too much about himself:

Women win hands down when it comes to being a good listener, though don’t test her patience. Taking too much about yourself all the time, will make her feel unimportant. If she is giving you her undivided attention, make sure you listen to her in return. Hop into the car and don’t bother to unlock her door. This is plain selfish and lazy. Women’s equality may dictate that a man no longer opens a woman’s car door first, but it doesn’t negate manners. Women still like to be treated as if they are special and this little forgetful act can kill the thrill.

He’s got bad breath:

Imagine having a first kiss derailed because of halitosis! Sometimes a guy can’t help it, but there are many products on the market to keep breath fresh. A visit to the dentist may be in order. He boasts about his past affairs. this just makes most women want to get up and leave.

This is beyond rude:

A man who shares his intimate sexual past with a new woman is headed for a very lonely intimate sexual present. He wears dresses that are too tight or too loose.

Bad Pick-Up Lines: A sense of humor can be a great thing— when a guy is actually funny. A good pickup line will leave a woman with a lasting impression. But more often, women are exposed to guys who try so hard that they are female turn-offs. With many women, it is a one-shot deal. Lame pickup lines or bad jokes will erase any opportunity a man may have of getting a date. Other women may let a few bad jokes slide, but when men continue, a woman’s interest tends to diminish.

This is a new year and we all have or might have made some new year resolutions.

We all want to drop bad habits in order to have a splendid 2017. For those who haven’t made their own resolutions, below are some bad habits you should drop this year; Getting a new skincare product just because of advertising or just for the sake of trying something new, is a bad idea.

What we do not realize is that our skin is sensitive and can develop allergies on using such random products. Another mistake that most of us tend to make is to use different brands of cream every month assuming that our face will adjust. These habits ruin our appearances and lead to many skin issues and acne problems. Having too much of coffee, tea or aerated drinks are habits that tend to destroy appearances.

Normally these beverages tend to lessen the water levels in the body. There should be around 70% water in our body; anything lesser results in dehydration which in turn would cause health issues and deteriorating appearances.

Increased Alcohol Consumption:

Having a drink every once in a while will not have a major impact on your heart (especially if you consume wine, which has a series of health benefits), but if you consume alcohol regularly then you heart will suffer in the long run. In addition to the devastating effects alcohol is known to have on your liver, it can also harm your bones, affect your memory and it considerably increases the risk of heart disease along with the risk of hypertension.


Smoking is a silent killer, but even if we are all well-aware of the side effects of tobacco cigarettes, there still are tens of millions of smokers worldwide. As statistics reveal, smoking is responsible for approximately 30% of the deaths related to heart disease – not to mention that it is also a high risk factor for certain types of cancer like mouth, throat or lung cancer.

Sleeping face down:

If you sleep on your face first or on your stomach, you are likely to get premature wrinkles. It is because your facial skin undergoes alot of contortions due to the pressure the posture exerts. Using a moisturizer before going to bed can help you to some extent.

Every woman wants to keep her relationship, while some get it right, some get it wrong by doing the wrong thing, thinking they are doing the right thing. A man looses connection to a lady when:

We are in a recession, and it is time to start thinking smartly and not just thinking of what to do. Your thought process should be all about maximising your God given potentials to bring about wealth creation.

It is time to come out from the closet and attain enviable heights with what your hands can do easily and this entails working with passion.

That being said, a few Nigerians are actually coming out of the closet and as time permits, I'll be talking about them, right now I am announcing Nelly's Events as your best bet for any Party Planning or Event Planning Service.

Subtle Ways to Make Money Online In 2018

Some people are not aware of the fact that one can actually make money on the internet. Some who are aware think it is a scam. If you are unemployed and job hunting, or if you are employed and need extra income, here are work from home internet jobs you can do in 2018.

Class conflict, frequently referred to as class warfare or class struggle, is the tension or antagonism which exists in society due to competing socio-economic interests, needs, and desires between people of different classes. The history of Nigeria as elsewhere, is marked by numerous struggles, sometimes bloody, in defense of its immediate and historical interests against the sacrifices enforced by the worldwide bourgeoisie.

Imparting knowledge is as simple and as difficult as receiving knowledge and it takes a sound and trained mind to do both. Most of us go through difficult and trying circumstances on a daily basis and still, we are yet to realize that these trials we overcome are the bedrocks upon which we can realize our Holy Grail.

Marriage is amazing.

But you have to make sure you go into it for the right reasons and with the right expectations. Many people go into marriage for the wrong reasons and this is why most marriages usually end up in divorce. Whether your number is 25 or 35, you hit it or are years passed it, you need to erase the concept of it altogether from your mind.

In life, things happen for a reason and divorce is one of those life events that just doesn’t happen by accident. In a marriage, whether it’s been a year or 20 years, problems tend to build up over time. If one or both of the spouses chooses not to share how they’re feeling, the probability of reaching a divorce at that point is very likely.

The internet is good for more than just porn and video games, you can make money off it too!

Think of the internet as a giant country called Imaginationland. By playing your cards right, you can make some easy money online doing things you’re already doing. There are countless ways you can make money online.

I was watching a program on NTA (Nigerian Televisions Authority) this Morning and must confess that I was really depressed about the scheme of things concerning the voters’ registration card. There was this argument about piles of voters’ card still uncollected while “a noisy few” in the words of one of those invited to talk on the issue, are aggrieved about not being able to register for their voters registration card during the voters registration exercise.

Getting friends on Facebook is quite easier than getting followers on twitter. Only popular persons such as celebrities can easily get thousands to millions of followers easily because they already have fans who would love to associate with them on social media. However, there are some ways you can easily raise your tweeter followers online but you will have to work a little more than normal to get positive results.

These days most of social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ offers data export settings. This means, even if your account is deleted or you’re unable to access it for some reasons, you can easily regain your complete profile data. This feature is called Account archive in Facebook.


  • Remember that long queue you have to endure when you go the Bank to Transfer money, be it at the Customer Desk inside the Bank or by the ATM Machines?
  • What about having to go over to the Bank with nearly N500 transport just to send someone N2,000?
  • Or having to bear horrible names from someone you're supposed to send Money to but haven't, just because you just don't have time to spare in the always long Bank Queue

The term "Web 2.0" was first used in January 1999 by Darcy DiNucci, a consultant on electronic information design (information architecture). In her article, "Fragmented Future", DiNucci writes: The Web we know now, which loads into a browser window in essentially static screenfuls, is only an embryo of the Web to come.


I used to be pampered and had everything within my reach until the unexpected happened and I found myself living in a N200,000.00 per year apartment and had only a steady income of N18,000.00. When I saw myself in this situation, I had only two choices before me:

  • One was to strive to keep living in the said apartment by finding other things to supplement my existing income.

So, where are you now in business?

There is a starting point, a work in progress stage and a finish line, so, at what stage or point of business development would you say that you are in now? Starting a business is not the most tedious activity, neither is it the most pleasant, it is simply a choice you have to make to become successful and whether or not you will agree, not starting out at all is more expensive than starting out in business.

Technology has found its way into every corner of the world, from cell phones to computers to television. It has even crossed the divide between rich and poor, and has become a part of life for many. The pervasiveness of technology is perhaps most apparent in the proliferation of cell phones, many of which are no longer just phones.

A life spent ceaselessly trying to please people who are perhaps incapable of ever being pleased, or trying too hard to always be seen as doing “what’s expected of you,” is a sure road to a regretful existence. First and foremost, you are not obligated to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Domestic/spousal abuse is the main reason why some marriages fail these days. Women especially run out of their marriage because of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse, also known as spousal abuse, occurs when one person in an intimate relationship or marriage tries to dominate and control the other person. Domestic abuse that includes physical violence is called domestic violence.

Self-employment is the act of generating one’s income directly from customers, clients or other organizations as opposed to being an employee of a business (or person). Self-employed people generally find their own work rather than being provided with work by an employer, earning income from a trade or business that they operate.

Many of us have the vision, zeal, are hard working, dedicated and above all have the finance to start-up any project or business, but we most of the time find it difficult to attain success when we should and we often times blame such challenges on the business we are doing or the location of the business and sometimes on the negative spiritual inclination of those around us when the root of the problem often lies with us.

Why I Believe Nigeria Suffers A Leadership Challenge.....

Someone would ask “What do I really Mean?

I want to believe that everyone who has been stealing government funds to enrich their personal empires had parents who lived in this country and faced the hardship with us? If that is the case, then Nigeria is simply suffering from a case of not having capable parents who can raise morally sound, disciplined and selfless children that Nigeria needs to witness a reign of selfless leaders.

A library, in simple terms denotes a building containing several educational and informative materials which are accessible to the public. Being an arena that promotes knowledge, a library is very important in life generally because it acts as the intellectual memory of a place, either a nation or a community.

I am not me, I am washed, cleaned, processed and wiped clean.

God loves you

I was, I am still a sinner, not because I choose to but because none is righteous but HIM. He decides, He reigns and He commands, I merely follow, obey and diligently seek him.

Business All the Way,

oseze tina inegbedion

I admire people who create their own destinies by starting a business no matter how small it is. It is not because they are starting something that intrigues me, but because I know that a full blown fire starts with a spark, and so any business, no matter how small it looks has the potential to become a large scale setup.

Virgo Collections Asaba

I was passing by Nnebisi Road the other day and was surprised to see photos of Mercy Johnson where she was dressed in all manner of attire on Advert Banners with the name Virgo Collections. Meet the CEO of VIRGO COLLECTIONS;

android m 6 update

I joined the Android operating system (os) merry bandwagon at the jelly bean stage. Before then I was using two Samsung phones whose operating systems and user interface (UI) were so boring you are better off watching wet paint dry if you are looking for a rush of adrenaline. The only thing those phones had going for them was the brand name.


bibiI know you'd be surprised seeing a long message from me in your Facebook inbox. I decided not to call you because what I have to tell you is important. The advantage of writing this down is so you can read it again and again to glean out the things you missed the first time you read it.

are women gods

A friend recently lost a baby through a miscarriage. When she told me, I was really sad for her. So sad it was a bit difficult for me to find the consoling words for a situation such as this. To be honest, I had no feelings for the baby or foetus to be more precise, I was rather totally engaged by the idea of the pain she went through while all that blood was flowing out of her unchecked.

how i killed my first snake

Animal documentaries used to be my best programs on TV back in the day. I still love them. But these days, watching them is mostly for the comedy only a dude like me would see in an obviously serious educating TV show.

Once upon a time, not too long ago,

oyibo gabrielaProfessor Gabriel Oyibo was just another hardworking African living in the United States of America trying to become a full time lecturer in a local polytechnic/University there. The story goes that he was denied tenure as a professor in the college.

bitcoinWatever coin you call it, I am not interested.

This does not mean I can't or won't receive payment via my bitcoin wallet, but to store up my money in online currency just because a lot of people think that its appreciation will make them rich or perhaps make them become instant millionaires/billionaires in a couple of years, to me is pure madness and laziness in disguise, there are far more better ways and less risky methods to multiply wealth.


crocodile browser

I remember the good old days. The days the Opera Mini browser was the undisputed king of mobile browsing. The days when Internet access for an internet-hungry Naija youth like me was more difficult than getting a dedicated nun to spend a whole weekend with you. Those were the days of all night browsing at the nearest Internet Cafe.


june 12th

If you were born on the 12th of June, 1993, you'd probably know a lot about one of the most famous dates in Nigeria's post independence history.

After all it's your birthday. For most people born in 1993, the 12th of June doesn't mean much though.



This is what a man expects as he goes about the business of making Nigeria a great country:

  • He expects to wake up in the morning without wondering how he is going to get hot water for his bath;
  • Or how he is going to press his clothes;
  • Or whether the fuel in his tank would be enough to take him to work and back;
  • He expects to come back from a hard day’s job to relax in front of his tv while his favorite little daughter is pestering him about how hard her day was.

Valentine: The Season of Love.

happy valentines day

I often wonder why we have decided to show the wrong type of love once in every 365 days. I often wonder why in spite of all said and done, the day that love should be shown to the less privileged, is the same day we try to show it to our lovers practically in any sense you can fathom.

Okonjo Iweala is not a politician. Forget the fact she worked for two PDP governments.

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

But in the year 2014, she attempted to do what politicians always do; become magicians. Yes, good politicians must be good magicians to hoodwink the populace into believing they actually delivered on their promises. Like a true magician, she produced a hat. And then attempted to pull out rabbits.

dating and money

If you gather a bunch of nice girls from nice respectable homes, put them into a room, and ask them to discuss a hot sizzling issue like dating, more often than not your group of girls would relegate the issue of money to where it belongs.

fathers day

I have this niggling feeling Father's day was created as a response to the ubiquitous mother's day. But we all know nobody actually want to celebrate a day dedicated to people who really don't care about it in the first place.

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What you are about to read is spectacular and must be appreciated, it is not everyday that we come across the likes of Monica. I honour this lady who totally believes in the Dignity in Labour.

Monica Tanee, you are an Inspiration to all women, ladies and men out there. Monica is a graduate but she decided to look for problems within her immediate environment, problems that she can solve. Not minding the societal talks. She did not let the fear in her, prevent her into doing what she was passionate about.

game of thrones

If you have not yet watched the final episode of season 5, I suggest you quit reading immediately because naturally there would be spoilers. There are some TV shows so brilliantly made that sucks you in so completely you get immersed in the the characters.

IMG 20180119 WA0016KAYLA-RICH KITCHEN is an online soup vendor, that cooks and delivers bowls of assorted soups, stew and sauces to busy people who do not have the time to cook. Our 2 liter bowl comes with 12 pieces of beef/fish, assorted meat, kpomo, dry fish and stock fish while our 4 liter bowl comes with 25 pieces of beef/fish, assorted meat, Kpomo, dry fish and stock fish.

9 turnoffsAs an entrepreneur, there are things that turnoff your customers. In other to maintain a healthy customer base, you need to imbibe some basic and necessary habits that is conducive for customers to keep coming back. We need returning customers to sustain any business and so it is vital that we maintain a good first impression before any customer that comes to patronize our business.

CHINONYEYou Want To Make Beautiful Hair Styles Such As These? 

Contact Chinonye Cynthia on: 08084952708

I met Cynthia for the first time in 2017 while she was trying to relocate from Lagos State to Delta State, during the process, she got a job in Anambra State and being her Real Estate agent then, had to back off since the game had changed.

Network Marketing fill 889x297Ponzi Lovers, how market?

I guess it is clear by now that Donations that give you a percentage on your investment is devilish and straight from the pits of hell.
From my findings, I have discovered that genuine businessmen get burnt when they participate in ponzi schemes while those who have always been fraudulent in their ways escape the bites of a failed scheme for reasons I can't place my hands on right now.

the westThe West owes Africa no shit. They are only committed to their own people. That is their truth and their one and only gospel. No amount of sufferings in Africa would make them change that. This is why it is a complete waste of time for some Africans to continue whining and lamenting about the evils of Western Imperialists in Africa. 

Make Money Online Nigeria

This topic has actually been over flogged by a majority of publishers which includes Internet Marketers wanting to sell their e-books on "How to make money online in Nigeria" down to Top Bloggers in the Industry who actually have the most sought after experience on how to make money online in Nigeria as Most Internet Marketers don’t even have a clue about the topic.

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