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Are You There (Heavenly Father)? - TeeRoy || Download MP3

This is a song for your sober reflection or meditation about Heavenly Father and eternity. Have you ever wondered as a child, who your mother always talks to at night and in the morning why on her knees, or perhaps your entire family? Have you ever wondered why so much respect and reverence was always accorded to that one supreme being, and he is called Heavenly father?

Did you ever prayed why as a little child with a conviction that he is there somewhere and he answers prayers and he will surely answer yours? Have you ever depended solemnly on him why in need of something so much that you talk to him in anticipation of a miracle to come and surely in the end your hopes are not dashed?

Or maybe it didn't happen the way you actually anticipated, and you are heartbroken? Well many questions I had why growing up as a child about the God Head, even Heavenly father. Many often times i would wish he does see reasons with me even as I need his protection and promises. Why growing up with alot of things competing for your attention, did you ever wonder for a second if truly heaven is far away? And he is there in Heaven and can not answer you like the world believes?

To find answers to these questions and many more DOWNLOAD this song titled "ARE YOU THERE? (HEAVENLY FATHER)" by TeeRoy for a sober reflection or meditation about Heavenly Father and eternity. Or have you stayed firm and fast in what you've been thought even as a child by your mother about your Heavenly father and that his spirit will always be with you and deliver you? Or has the will for doing wrong even the influence of the world and it's philosophies impressed on your mind to forget that you are his spirit child sent hear on earth and that he will never forsake you.

For he loves you so dearly for Him to send down his Only begotten in flesh, Jesus Christ to die for you so you and I can be saved? Well after all this I am convinced that He lives, He loves me and every other thing in the world, be it fame, title, money, office or status, all are vanity except his love that endures for ever.

For indeed he is truly there in Heaven watching all over us. TeeRoy is a musician, writer and an actor, also a graduate of sociology from the University of Mkar, Mkar Benue State. birthed on the 22nd of May 1991 to the family of late Comrade T.T Wende, from Kwande L.G.A Benue State, Nigeria, Africa.



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