game of thrones

If you have not yet watched the final episode of season 5, I suggest you quit reading immediately because naturally there would be spoilers. There are some TV shows so brilliantly made that sucks you in so completely you get immersed in the the characters.

You take their woes personally. You celebrate their triumphs and victories as if you were personally involved in shaping the outcome. The Game of Thrones is one of such shows. As if you didn't know that already. Watching the season finale was a very satisfying experience for me until the very end stunned me into a mild depression that left me starring at the screen for several minutes, my brain a whirl of random thoughts just trying to make sense of something so senseless. So utterly shocking.

So unexpected.

  • Is this not the Jon Snow that just barely escaped the White Walkers in a terrifyingly one-sided battle?
  • Is this not the same man that managed the impossible feat of convincing the Wildings to join forces with the Night Watch?
  • Stabbed to death by his own brothers of the Night Watch?!

The assassination of Jon Snow had all the hallmarks of Shakespeare's tale of how Julius Caesar was murdered.

Your comrades in arm plotting and murdering you in cold blood out of a misplaced sense of betrayal. Brutus was the little kid (Steward Olly) who Snow took in and loved like a brother after his family was murdered by the Wildings. Before this final scene, this last episode was slowly coming to a satisfying end. The despicable Cersei Lanister had just being thoroughly humiliated by walking naked through the streets of King's Landing to jeering mobs who did despicable things to her naked body.

It was pleasing seeing her cry.

I guess the High Sparrow fanatics have their uses after all. The hateful Stanis Baratheon, who I was beginning to like until he sacrificed his delightful daughter for the sake of power, was finally killed by Brienne, who I can't seem to like in spite of the fact that she is an extremely good person. I guess it's just her unfortunate physique that is standing in my way. Even though Arya Stark went blind after killing the hateful Meryn Tract, I got a lot of satisfaction from seeing that man die so ignominiously.

But you get the feeling she is going to regain her sight next season.

But with Game of Thrones, you just never know. And of course there is the beloved Daenery's; after escaping certain death so spectacularly on the back of one her dragons, she now seems to be set for a new adventure with those hordes of Dothraki army that surrounded her while she went for a stroll in a countryside of such scenic beauty it looked like it was stolen from Lord of The Rings.

And then, that final scene. It just raised the bar about the permutations for the next season.

Even those who have read the book are now also confused about where the plot of this show is headed. The producers of this show have now made it abundantly clear that no matter how lovable or popular a character is, nobody is immune to death in The Game Of Thrones.