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5 Major Reasons Why Forex Investment Firms Fail In Nigeria

It is true that so many investment firms are packing up and closing down with the speed of light and it is so appauling that the sweat of so many finally end up in the hands of a few individuals, without the authorities doing anything about it, perhaps, they are doing something but, it does not look like they are with the inpunity at which so many innocent Nigerians have been beaten by these investment moguls.

5 Major Reasons Why Forex Investment Firms Fail In Nigeria

Here are possible reasons why I believe most investment firms run out of steam and close their doors against the outcries of the innocent majority who were caught up by their whims and caprices;

Most Investment Firms are Managed by Quacks;

The owners of Most Investment Firms are Quacks with little or no experience on how to handle money, and for this reason, their lack of experience make them very inadequate to manage the big funds in their control and so they go about spending wrecklessly with the believe that people's money is now theirs until they hit rock bottom  when they fail to meet up with the payments of investor returns thereby, creating panic which eventually cripple them.

Most Investment Firms Are Not Owned by Expert Forex Traders;

Another reason why Most Investment Companies fail is because, they don't understand how the game is played. Many don't even know how to invest in forex, they dabble into Forex and lose their funds in days. As a big investor/Fund Manager, investing in Forex requires an indepth knowledge of Forex, finding ways to partner with FX companies and not gambling away Investors capital.

Most Investment Firms Fail Because It Was their Intention to Abscond with Investors Funds from the Very Beginning;

Another reason why they packup and shutdown is because they planned to do so from the very beginning. Most Investment outfits are simply a glorified sinking fund where they rob Peter to Pay Paul, No Profits are Made from the beginning of the Exercise till it eventually crashes. Their Investment platform was established on the foundation of Greed and Fraud.

Most Investment Firms Fail Due To Outrageous ROI (Return on Investment) Offerings;

Another reason why Most Investment Companies Fail is because they offer outrageous rates and ROIs. For any investment plan to survive, a cushin must be created to weather the storm in times of loses, bad financial climes or an advent of misapproriation as the case maybe, all aces must be covered and nothing should be taken for granted. It is in times of plenty, that a sound fund manager saves for a time of lack, offering outrageous return on investment does not only suggests a situation of greed, it also suggests that that they is no backup plan to protect investor's capital in the event of crisis.

For any investment Firm to succeed in Nigeria, it must not seek to be more popular than the banks,

Majority of the Investment firms that we know, which are currently extinct, all came to limelight before they started having issues. All that was required to shutdown any investment outfit after becoming famous was an instruction from the government to the banks to freeze their accounts. Ofcourse, we are aware, that bankers do the actual reporting of these accounts to government authorities after witnessing lots of cash flights from their banks to other banks or from their banks to foreign reserves and these cash flights obviously run into billions of naira monthly.

As a suggestion I believe it is necessary for Investment Outfits to put a limit on the amount of funds they can manage in other to operate under the radar and make money for themselves and their investors consistently and without seizure. The idea of always accumulating funds is not only outrageous but also tells the trained mind that there is no business behind the exercise, because if in reality, you are making profits, more funds will not be necessary to stay afloat. Diversifying into other spheres of businesses will not also be a bad idea.

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