Letter to Bibi

bibiI know you'd be surprised seeing a long message from me in your Facebook inbox. I decided not to call you because what I have to tell you is important. The advantage of writing this down is so you can read it again and again to glean out the things you missed the first time you read it.

And besides I don't have credit to argue with you, because we both know arguing is what you do best anytime I try to force some sense into your rascally head. That is another way of telling you I don't have money, so don't bother asking for money from me until the end of next month you hear?

Mummy has being complaining seriously to me about you recently. Okay, complains about you is nothing new, but this is different. At first I told her to stop worrying about you, after all you are a boy, and boys will be boys, abi? But in the last three weeks her complains have revolved around only one issue unlike before where I get to hear about your various little escapades that are more varied than the the variety of vegetables in the market, each new misdemeanor more colorful than the last.

In a way I envy your zest for life. Wished I did all these things when I was your age. I never had the time because I was busy hawking things to supplement the family income. Okay, okay, I know you are tired of hearing this story, but the fact still remains that life was tough back in the day.

According to Mummy, your obsession for this girl is causing her a lot of grief. When she first told me, I laughed it off. I was happy you have the guts I never had to toast a girl. But I'm now as worried as mum because from what I gathered, your pursuit (or is it affair) of this girl is now affecting your studies.

Ahh, this is where I draw the line ooo.

In a space of thee months, you have fought several times with some kids, suspended twice from school, and poor mum had to bail you out from police cell last night because of a particularly vicious fight with a boy twice your size yesterday. All because of the girl. I don't care much about the fights, but when these activities start affecting your grades, you should know you've strayed onto the wrong path to perdition (look up that word. It should help your English).

Look, let me tell you the facts of life Bibi; at your age, your least concern should be girls. Yes run around with them. Tell them you love them and even believe you actually do. They might allow you kiss them if you are lucky, and if you are very very lucky, they get to spread their thighs for you. But it is all child's play. Men can get ruined from chasing girls. This is a fact of life.

If you want to be something, chase your dreams. And when I say your dreams I'm not referring to any girl-chasing dreams ooo. Make something from the little, life has given you and you'll see the girls come running after you. This girl you are obsessing over will end up with a man far older than you with far more money too.

Right now you two are just playing. The girl you'll finally be with is still a kid in junior secondary school. That is the fact of life. Girls end up with matured men with enough money to take care of their needs. Though most girls would deny this, don't listen to them. I get that you are young and hot-blooded and want to have fun.

Go ahead. Just don't allow your pursuit of fun to interfere with your future. The streets are littered with bitter young/old men who failed to make that fine distinction between pleasure and planning for the future while growing up. Talk to them. Yes they are losers, but you'll learn a lot from them.

Just buckle up and stop stressing your long suffering mother. If I hear any more complains along those lines, I swear I am going to pay you a visit. And you know what that means?

Now behave yourself.