God Knows I HATE Android

android m 6 update

I joined the Android operating system (os) merry bandwagon at the jelly bean stage. Before then I was using two Samsung phones whose operating systems and user interface (UI) were so boring you are better off watching wet paint dry if you are looking for a rush of adrenaline. The only thing those phones had going for them was the brand name.

But actually, my first contact with an Android OS was back in 2010 when for about 30 minutes I played around with a friend's very sleek, very thin, light-as-feather Samsung Galaxy. It was a wonder I did not break the phone after playing with so many buttons and icons I knew nothing about. After that experience, my abiding thought was if I had that kind of gadget, my girlfriend would get more attention from a corpse than from me.

This is why I hate Android OS.

The damn OS is now like a freaking monopoly. It leaves honest tax-paying citizens like me with no other viable alternative. And what is life without alternatives or choices. It is worst than a dictatorship as far as I am concerned. Please don't even mention Windows OS or Apple's IOS as alternatives.

I actually fell in love with android after playing around with a friend's gingerbread version. The phone was a cheap Tecno phone that amazingly could do most of the stuff those high end brands could do. I think Tecno revolutionized the smart phone market in Nigeria.

‘Why spend 100k for a phone when you can get almost the same performance for less than 20k?’

Was what Tecno seemed to be saying. When I finally got my android jelly bean OS in 2013, I thought it was the ultimate game changer. It had everything I needed in a gadget. It almost made my laptop obsolete. Not even 12 months later, Google released the Kitkat. I didn't bother much about it. Except for an in-built firewall it did not pack enough features to get me excited. Then they released the lollipop. I wanted to ignore it at first until I read a review about the new features.

My beloved jelly bean effectively became ancient. You know that thing that happens almost all the time where a call comes in and interrupts that important thing you are doing on your phone? Well lollipop solved the issue. You can now decide to ignore calls and continue playing your HD game if that is your thing. I had always wanted something like this.

I can't count the number of times I felt like screaming after a particular unimportant call stopped a software I was working on. It is even worse if you have to start from the beginning after the call. Again, I understand you can access your notification from your lockscreen. Though I don't know how much I'd dig a feature like that seeing that anybody can now read my notification without having to unlock the screen.

Anyhow, I am sure there is a way around that glitch.

Now I'm forced to start thinking of buying a new phone. Upgrade my OS you say?

Well I don't particularly think the lollipop will work well in a Chinese 512 RAM phone. Now, I look at my jelly bean with sadness. I can't believe my affair with it is going to be so short-lived, all thanks to Google and their annoying habit of rolling out upgrades as if they have nothing more important to do.

I am even hearing whispers that Android M has been launched! For God's sake!! Please can some tech genius out there give us a good alternative to the tyranny of Google and Android?