How beneficial are Directory Submissions in today’s SEO?

Directory SubmissionDigital Marketing experts across the globe have expressed their views on this topic and they state the following reasons to opt for directory submissions, in 2018;

  • Makes it easier for Google to index your site
  • Lets you target important keywords
  • Improves search rankings
  • Many directories are free!

Makes it easier for Google to index your site

It is not possible for search engines to crawl and index all the sites in the internet. So they make use of directories (not the spammy ones) in the Internet to crawl and index more number of websites. So, when you list your website in quality directories, it is possible to get it indexed by search engines faster. Moreover, when you submit any site to a directory, a human reviewer visits your link, scrutinizes it and then approves it. So this makes the work of any search engine easier and enables it to crawl all human-reviewed sites. This single fact lays a lot of emphasis on today’s modern directories which include a Human Review.

Lets you target important keywords

Websites are submitted to directories along with Titles and Descriptions. The titles that you use are nothing but the anchor texts of your future backlinks. These anchor texts can be used to target all of your important keywords which in turn will bring relevant users to your site.

Improves search rankings

Targeted keywords and Link building are the 2 most important aspects of SEO and if you are able to achieve both, your site has got a lot of chances to improve rankings with the major search engines like the Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Directories are free!

Though there are a lot of paid directories in the internet, the majority of the them are free. You can easily submit to those directories for a nominal submission charge using any Directory Submission service. We can help you with that too, if you are interested. So, basically, Directories Submissions are a subtle way of doing SEO which has a high ROI.

They help you see above average SEO results at very nominal prices.