How to get fast bitcoin confirmation remains the most reliable and secured bitcoin wallet in the world, followed by Coinbase. Due to this fact, several millions of people have moved their coin to leaving miners to be dealing with huge numbers of transactions per day.

As a result of this, miners are not sufficient to deal with the workload, and so they tend to work on the ones with higher transaction fee first, before working on the ones with lower fee and so, if you want to continue with and at the same time want a faster transaction confirmation (less than 1hr), you must do the following;

  • Login to your Blockchain account.
  • Click on "Send" button. When it opens, scroll down and you will see Advance Send
  • Click on Advance Send and you will see Transaction Fee.
  • Adjust it until it shows "Estimated confirmation time: ~10 minutes (1 block)" .
  • Then Click the send button.

It will advise u to reduce the fee again, just click *Continue with the Transaction* Your transaction will be confirmed within 10 minutes to 1 hour.

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