Do you know who My Father Is?

I am not me, I am washed, cleaned, processed and wiped clean.

God loves you

I was, I am still a sinner, not because I choose to but because none is righteous but HIM. He decides, He reigns and He commands, I merely follow, obey and diligently seek him.

He’s decisions for me are not often easy to follow, but they turn out to be the best I can ever make in this broken world.

You may not discover HIM if you are always demanding from HIM in your prayers without first seeking to know HIM as a friend.

He created a garden which was turned into this broken world, HE is not responsible for all that is happening to you right now, the devil is.

And your fate may not change if you see HIM as the bringer of doom and destruction, HE weeps every time you think of HIM like that and HE hopes that one day soon, you will know HIM like he truly is.

Do you really have an idea whom Our Lord and Personal Saviour is?

I believe you don’t…………………….

He wants to be your Best friend and your Senior brother, but sadly enough you see him as someone who owes you a lot, HE is not a debtor, HE died on the cross for you and me and you owe HIM all that you have, but He is not asking for all that,

HE wants you to simply believe in the price HE paid to salvage humanity, he wants you to cast your burdens on HIM completely and get rid of all that guilt. Just as the north is far from the south and the west is far from the east, HE has been very faithful, you have not been.

Change that situation today and see the Rock of Ages come to your rescue.

Thank You JESUS.