Nigeria will not Change for the Better if we keep raising Children to get Good Jobs.

Why I Believe Nigeria Suffers A Leadership Challenge.....

Someone would ask “What do I really Mean?

I want to believe that everyone who has been stealing government funds to enrich their personal empires had parents who lived in this country and faced the hardship with us? If that is the case, then Nigeria is simply suffering from a case of not having capable parents who can raise morally sound, disciplined and selfless children that Nigeria needs to witness a reign of selfless leaders.

As small as South Africa is compared to Nigeria, we had Nelson Mandela of blessed memory; yet as big as Nigeria is, there is no one to stand in the gap. In a country where parents only wish for their children to get good jobs or become politicians, what do you expect from the reasoning of such children? It is evident that from a very young age, they have been brainwashed to simply depend on the success of others to succeed in life and with such a mentality Nigeria will simply run short of teaming youths who would be ready to inspire their world by becoming entrepreneurs and employers of labour.

If we really want a change in this country, we should aspire to look beyond getting government contracts or jobs for sustenance but seek to solve Nigeria’s problems one day at a time by practically utilizing what we have been taught in our various tertiary institutions. We are at an age where the basic requirements for being a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company (your company) is simply the ability to read and write and one’s guts to face business challenges.

As a parent, it is Godly to wish the best for your children, but there is a limit to which you should go. As parents, it is best to simply allow the dreams of your Children play out rather than write your scripts for them, this is one major reason why African countries are still backward in the scheme of things. The Western world is where it is today because everyone is given the freedom to play their part in history, over there, children are sent to special schools to cultivate their special talents the very minute it is discovered that a child is gifted in a particular art.

In Nigeria or most African countries, the opposite is the case. We all want our children to be what we have been if it has been lucrative or we would want them to be what the children of our neighbours have been if they have been successful and this should not be.

When you force a child to go through a course of study he/she has no passion for, two things are imminent and they are;

  • The child may decide to go through with it out of fear.
  • The child may revolt and waste your hard earned funds

When a child decides to go through with it and finds no fulfillment in what he/she does, stealing public funds is inevitable. So let’s stop blaming the government for not running our country well because we are the products of the government just as the government is our product.

The Nigerian child of today will become the Nigerian president of tomorrow if given the chance and if that child of today is not morally sound, disciplined and selfless, then we definitely cannot have a moral, disciplined and selfless Nigerian president tomorrow.

This is just a piece of my mind.