Why Self Employment is Better Than Paid Employment

Self-employment is the act of generating one’s income directly from customers, clients or other organizations as opposed to being an employee of a business (or person). Self-employed people generally find their own work rather than being provided with work by an employer, earning income from a trade or business that they operate.

In a very “employment-centrist” economy where people are, on average, far more concerned about keeping the jobs they have or finding a job, the idea of going solo seems scarier than ever.

But the truth is, self-employment can be a wonderful solution to dealing with a job loss or suffering economy. Being your own boss means that you’ll be in control of all of the decisions affecting your working life. You’ll decide on your business plan, your quality assurance procedures, your pricing and marketing strategies-everything. You’ll have job security; you can’t be fired for doing things your way.

As you perform a variety of tasks related to your work, you’ll learn new skills and broaden your abilities. You’ll even have the flexibility to decide your own hours of operation, working conditions, and business location. If you’re working out of your home, your start-up costs may be reduced. You’ll also experience lower operating costs; after all, you’ll be paying for the rent and utilities anyway.

If the location of your work isn’t important (perhaps you’re a freelance writer or a consultant), you can live wherever you want. At any rate, if you work at home, you’ll greatly reduce your daily commuting time and expense. If all goes well and you’re making money, chances are you can make more than you did working for someone else. And since you’re working for yourself, you may not have to share the proceeds with anyone else.

The fruits of your labor will be all yours, because you own the vineyard. Becoming self-employed allows you to do something that is not common in the workplace, work on what you want, like, enjoy or even love! All too often we are stuck in jobs and careers where we are not happy, dissatisfied or bored, but unfortunately we have no choice but to stay there – WRONG!

Becoming self-employed can be the perfect remedy for this. Self- Employment allows you to be as creative and imaginative as you like. You choose what to do and in which direction to drive your business and clients.