Why Are Light Skinned Ladies Considered More Beautiful?

light skin

The Light skinned lady in Nigeria seem to have more chances in many aspects than the dark skinned lady. We have more light skinned ladies as video vixens, air hostesses, actresses, models and they even have more chances at getting good jobs in big companies.

Many modelling agencies now seek for light skinned models and leave the dark ones hanging. We see light skinned girls on the run way, light skinned girls as event ushers, on magazine covers, bill boards and TV commercials. In Nollywood, the light skinned actresses get the lead role. Our musicians now make use of light skinned video vixens. Light skin has now become a per-requisite for employment.


“Limited vacancies in a reputable communication firm for beautiful ladies between 20 -26, a degree in any arts discipline, fluent, tall, MUST be light-skinned.”

Many organizations choose light skinned girls over dark skinned ones. Men have been fine-tuned to believe a light complexion woman is more attractive or beautiful, music videos and movies flash painfully light- skinned women in our faces; bosses believe having a light skinned complexion woman in their organization means more patronage. dark skin

This craze for a light complexion has left many women looking like bleached whales just so they could measure up. This is a battle of Colours. This is discrimination against the dark skinned lady. This is discrimination against ourselves. Is this discrimination a result of colonization? Are we going to adapt their way of life and adapt their skin colour too?