Where are you in Business right now?

So, where are you now in business?

There is a starting point, a work in progress stage and a finish line, so, at what stage or point of business development would you say that you are in now? Starting a business is not the most tedious activity, neither is it the most pleasant, it is simply a choice you have to make to become successful and whether or not you will agree, not starting out at all is more expensive than starting out in business.

  • Do you have a business?
  • Are you considering setting up a business on the side to add to your current income portfolio?

Or Perhaps:

  • You don’t have a business;
  • And you are not business inclined.

Notwithstanding, this article is for you. Most people see life as just a play of fate/faith intertwined in man’s daily activities, by this I mean most people would want to believe that their actions have been predetermined by the unknown and as a result they really have no part to play in the scheme of things and so they relax and allow the hardship of life toss them to and fro without taking control to re-direct where their lives are heading to.

You do not have to be in business to be business minded. Drinking water alone has a business side to it.

  • You need to be thirsty before you can drink water
  • Drinking water requires that you have water available

And so there is a demand when you are thirsty and a supply when you take in water which is dependent on scarce resources and whether you agree or not a transaction has been carried out.

Why am I saying all these?

You need to realize where you are right now and start making adequate plans for the future, life itself is a business and you need to achieve something with the little resources at your disposal. Take time to analyze where you are coming from, where you are, and where you are headed.

Set long term goals and make use of short term goals to achieve your long term plans.

We shall all get there.