The Chronic Effects of Sugar & Alcohol on the Body

Yes, many will say; a little alcohol is good for the body and the reason they say this, is so you can limit the intake of sugar with the intake of alcohol from time to time, which to me is like taking pain relievers to treat malaria.

There is no absolute truth and there is no absolute lie and I can’t really tell you whether or not artificial alcohol/sugars are good for your body but I can tell you that without them you can live longer, be vibrant and be capable of going beyond your expectation when it comes to your sexual health.

What you are not being told is that Alcohol is more or less sugar in a different state and the more alcohol you consume the more destructive sugar you take in.

Another school of thought will tell you to avoid beers and go for gin related products, but have you seen what happens when you apply gin to a piece of beef in a bowl?

I am not talking about adulterated gin but non-adulterated original gins like Hennessy, Black Label or Red Label. I guess you have not? Alcohol is a toxic substance and can cause damage to your arteries, liver, lungs and most especially your heart and for these parts, there are no spare parts except your case is exceptional and you experience a miracle.

Alcohol is not good and what I am actually trying to tell you is based on my personal experience and the changes I noticed in me when I stopped taking artificial alcohol or beverage drinks. My sexual health performance increased and I noticed that getting up from my bed no longer became an issue.

Prior to my stopping Alcohol, getting up from my bed in the mornings was a job because, I felt more tired after sleeping throughout the night. And suddenly the unnecessary desire to be flirtatious left me. Many nights of hangovers can be disastrous because it can seem like fun while it lasts and the deeper you go in the more it becomes a habit too difficult to stop and planning your life afterwards becomes a serious issue.

The reason is because the tendency to spend beyond your disposable income is higher when you are always high on alcohol. You can save more without patronizing peddlers of alcoholic drinks. If you are an alcoholic, you will find yourself most often in the mist of friends who are alcoholics and most of the time the only place where you are likely to be entertained for your given habit is in bars and joints where the owners know better than you do and are likely to have brothels around to serve your convenience when the need arises.

Whether or not you want to hear this, a chronic alcoholic with time, will become a chain smoker, it only takes one stick to become addicted especially after finding how reassuring it can be to puff smoke out of your mouth while relaxing with your fifth bottle of beer. I have been there and this is no gimmick.

To be sincere, my dad stopped smoking curtsy of my birth into this beautiful world and I swore after hearing his story that I was never going to light a stick but sadly enough I did. I lit my first stick while drinking Hennessy with some friends in a club and it was not funny.

I don't drink and I don't smoke anymore if that is what you want to hear.....................