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I released a broadcast on Facebook some days ago about sending in information about your business especially when it revolves around Fashion Designing, Nail Making, Hair Making and Makeup Artists.

As we speak, no one has sent in any information about their business and this can mean one of two things; it is either you are not interested or that you don't believe in the efficacy of the kind of promotion that I am offering.

When I start charging a fee for this, service, maybe, you will realise the importance of putting your business online. I will continue with talking about the businesses of close friends and family members and today I want to talk about AMAGOLD BEAUTY HOMEAMAGOLD BEAUTY HOME is owned by AMARACHI EZEIGBO a friend of mine and she's good at what she does.

She is both a Hair Stylist and a Makeup artist but today I will be dealing with the Hair Making side of her talent. She was once a Makeup Artist for the Nollywood Industry but decided to be on her own and be her own Boss and this is one trait that I admire about her. She's not prone to doing what others do because it is in vogue or trending, rather she chooses her own battles and gets the job done one day after another.

I know she will be surprised to see this post but that's how blessings come down to earth unbehalf of us on a daily basis.

AMAGOLD BEAUTY HOME Makes Trendy Wigs and Weavons and they also Make All Kinds of Hair Styles, you name it. I am not a woman and wisdom will fail me here, so pardon my shortcoming. They offer Home Services and you can also visit them at their physical place of operation. (Address coming shortly).


TELEPHONE: 07031559939






Qs 300x250
CALL: 08141642750 TO ADVERTISE

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