The Lady Who Chose To Be Different, Monica Tanee, A Rare Gem

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What you are about to read is spectacular and must be appreciated, it is not everyday that we come across the likes of Monica. I honour this lady who totally believes in the Dignity in Labour.

Monica Tanee, you are an Inspiration to all women, ladies and men out there. Monica is a graduate but she decided to look for problems within her immediate environment, problems that she can solve. Not minding the societal talks. She did not let the fear in her, prevent her into doing what she was passionate about.

Do we all know that we are a solution to a problem in our environment, state and country?

What is that problem that our passion can solve but because of fear, we have hidden it deep down the crevices of our hearts and this has prevented us from living to our full potential? Am using Monica's story to touch anyone out there that needs to come out of their fears. That nobody cares but You.






So step out and be bold, cause nobody will see you until you start to see yourself.

You don't have to be perfect to start something, no one has ever been perfect. Her name is Monica Tanee. She's a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Portharcourt. She's from Rivers state, OGONI to be precise. She sells smoked Catfish thoroughly washed, salted and processed through firewood oven. She's one of the few Nigerian ladies who believes that she needs money to enable her meet her needs but she goes about it the right way, through hard work.

I celebrate your courage dear. This clearly shows that she doesn't feel comfortable seeing some women sitting at home, waiting for a man to open a shop for them or to provide for their basic needs. You're truly an inspiration to most of us, God bless you.

Please call 080-2084-0949 to patronize Monica.

Strictly business calls only.

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