Virgo Collections Asaba

Virgo Collections Asaba

I was passing by Nnebisi Road the other day and was surprised to see photos of Mercy Johnson where she was dressed in all manner of attire on Advert Banners with the name Virgo Collections. Meet the CEO of VIRGO COLLECTIONS;

To tell you the truth, I was surprised beyond words as I could not begin to imagine if Mercy Johnson actually did an exclusive photo shoot for Virgo Collections and was paid for it.

You and I know the Calibre of Mercy Johnson in Nigeria's Movie Industry and what her rate may be like if it turns out to be true because, the pictures, were not looking like Photoshop edited images but looked like some persons knew what they were doing and really went to do it without sparing any expense.

On second thoughts I decided to pay Virgo Collections a visit and low and behold, I did not bargain for what hit my vision. If you ask me, I will simply say Virgo Collections Asaba is the Biggest Female Boutique in Asaba and you can quote me anywhere.

They have it all and covered for the complete woman to look trendy, modern, civilized, traditional, sexy, corporate and smart.

Visit Virgo Collections today to Shop for more than you can find in any normal Boutique in Asaba.

Head Office: 
455 Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta Nigeria
0803 677 7825

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