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Some of these feminists make it look like feminism is connected to hating a man. I hate anyone stepping on my right or the right of someone around me. But any time you deviate by one milli second from fighting for your right, to hating another human, you have missed it. You are now the problem

Created: 12 November 2021
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(In Pidgin) E be like say Na here Bubu carry us reach. Nigerian men are now planning for their death. There is someone planning to inherit his brother's wealth, as if he is sure his brother will die first. A poor man has nothing to bequeath, so he imagines inheritance only.

Created: 09 November 2021
Views: 67

After watching SWALLOW, some weeks back, I became afraid of seeing a Nollywood movie on Netflix. That movie shocked me and gave me trauma. How do we watch people trying to swallow wrapped co.cain all through. Anyway, I decided to watch AMINA after I saw one or 2 reviews.

Created: 09 November 2021
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Marriage is a deep water! Take care as you thread that your feet is not swept away. Life itself is an ocean. It will sweep to your shore what you threw into it. I read a post. A lady said she can never love her Mother-In-Law like her mother.

Created: 09 November 2021
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THE UNSOLVABLE JIGSAW What can a friend say anyway? Dele Momodu is probably talking as a friend.

Created: 07 November 2021
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I am happy to read about Lateef; a 15th floor survivor of the collapsed building. Amazing ooo元元元元元 He came with 33 other labourers from Ibafo in Ogun state and it was his 1st day at work. It is said that 50 people were trapped in this building, but I guess the numbers are inaccurate.

Created: 06 November 2021
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Most of the times, I am just trying to distract myself from the anxieties and agonies of being in Nigeria and these celebrity banters provide good distraction. We all saw the mother rolling on the floor after police mistakenly shot her adolescent son.

Created: 05 November 2021
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Are you in Portharcourt for the conference? Don't forget to VOTE USIFO As former Dean of our Faculty, University of Benin, he needs no introduction in the Nigerian Pharmasphere. He is a very brilliant and progressive mind. See what they had done with the PharmD program.

Created: 04 November 2021
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I know Male and Female. I had to understand transgender too; men that wish to be females and women that wish to be males. Now there are Non-Binary people; men and women that do not want to be men or women. You know binary suggests the 2 opposite ends of a pole.

Created: 04 November 2021
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Chief priest is smart. He knows that Kelvin is probably aware of his digital clito-foot print in Owerri too. So he can not ask Kelvin, his brother inlaw, to "not be outside". Is that not bro code? Protect our sin oh brother.

Created: 31 October 2021
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