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Child Abuse by Derek (Review by Becca Green)

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Child Abuse

Derek -Child Abuse

At 12, Derek already knows what it means to be a responsible Nigerian citizen. He drops this track Child Abuse which is his first music video.

Little Derek, a hip hop artist who is currently signed to Solo Mount Entertainment is a Nigerian, and hails from Sagbama L. G. A of Bayelsa State. Derek Braye Boss known by his stage name 'De Wonder Kid' is a singer, rapper, songwriter and instrumentalist.

Derek has already become a popular Nigerian singer and a household name before this track. His first hit was in November 2017, when the kid performed and trilled his audience with his lyrical prowess at the AY live concert In Port Harcourt.

Later that same year, Naija FM comedy and Jam Night which plays host to the 'Creme De LA Creme' of the entertainment industry were thrilled also to Derek's outstanding performance. Derek is a young lad that understands and feels the pains of the abused children around the world.

With this song, he speaks for the abused ones. This classic song cries out for Justice on behalf of the abused children in Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world. There have been alarming rates of all forms of child abuse, ranging from child molestation, child trafficking, children hawkers and so on but the question is what are people doing to right the wrongs in child abuse.

The truth is no matter people's different opinions on this matter, child abuse remains a wrong act and an inhumane treatment to the young generation and something needs to be done fast before we move from catching them young to killing them young.

At times through the act of rape of the innocent girl child, their destiny is mared, they lose focus and self intimidation creeps in. Some children never recover from the shock. Derek wants us to give our leaders of tomorrow a voice, he wants us to create enabling environment for their dreams to be realized after all every successful adult was once a naive child.

Derek cited a girl named Ejiro to drive home his message. From the first scene, a guy looking like a bouncer who promised her parents to take care of her and help her in her studies just left Ejiro's room after abusing her. Derek who happened to be Ejiro's friend came to visit and on entry he meets the harmful man. Just as soon as the guy left, Derek goes in to meet Ejiro and lo! another round of abuse has taken place, she has been raped again.

Ejiro tried to explain to her mum her ordeal but she found it hard to believe her story, she pay no attention to what she said. She probably thought she was telling lies to her or probably she blamed Ejiro for the act. Ejiro left her home. She left her mother and fled to where she thought she could find peace, away for that beast that always took advantage of her innocence and weakness.

She could not bear the pain anymore. Out there on the street, she roamed without care and love and no one to understand her. As times goes on Ejiro was seen smoking. Her life came to a halt. Her life came to a stand still, her dreams of becoming a career woman, all dashed. She became nuisance to the society all because of Child Abuse. Child Abuse literally means physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child.

Children should not be used as slaves. They should not be given goods to hawk on the street or anywhere at all. Children should be treated with Love and care. They should not be used as housemaids and denied quality education. Derek does not only say Stop child Abuse, he also said stop corruption, stop that violation, stop abortion. Parents should also learn to stand by their children If their children are victims of Child Abuse and they should also protect their children against it before it happens.

Government parastatals should also Play a role in combating child abuse. Just a word of advice, parents please give birth to children you can cater for so they don't end up becoming housemaids subjected to suffering. This track Child Abuse I believe speaks the mind of all children round the world and I hope it goes across to speak for them.

Date 2018-07-17
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The video was engaging. Children were filmed smiling as if their voice have actually been heard. I find nothing wrong with this song or the music video. It's perfect.