Do Not Speak Ill Of The Dead

Who Coined the Phrase "Do not Speak ill of the Dead?"

Is there really anything wrong in writing the appropriate epitaph for the dead person irrespective of whom they were while alive? What's wrong in describing a thief, a looter, a rapist or whatever low life for that matter as such when they pass into the great beyond?

In fact we should start describing them appropriately while alive and even letting them know that hasher adjectives await them after their demise. The cessation of life does not automatically erase whatever shitty history any lowlife has written for themselves while alive?

Or does it?

Our pretense and shitty sanctimonous facade needs to stop. Our hypocrisy is so nauseating and disgusting. It is killing this country as it is. It's time we pulled the breaks. It is time we say it as it is and call a spade a spade. Before the advent of what we now call corruption, stealing was stealing, bribery was bribery and Murder was to kill another human being, but it seems like they have all been embedded in the word "Corruption" and this word as we know it states a situation of not allowing justice to prevail for the common man.

Sometimes I stray a bit and try to imagine why corruption is so innate in the heart of most promising Nigerians who somehow by a streak of luck gets hold of a political position or any position at all, at that point you suddenly see the new man that has always been hidden behind that humble and honest facade. After endlessly looting the country dry, we are then estopped from calling names because someone died, this has to stop.

What you sow, you must reap, If you steal, we have to call you a thief and if you bribed anyone to stay out of prison, the matter has to be discussed in the market square so that people can learn from your experience or ain't we fond of praising good people after their demise?

Why must your case be different?



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