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Shotiye by Jayden Ikins Ft. Reminisce (Review by Becca Green)

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Shotiye by Jayden Ikins Ft. Reminisce

Here comes a new tune from Jayden Ikins ft. Reminisce titled Shotiye.. It was produced by Antras Classic. This track is just there. It is a smashingly mad jam. Jayden Ikins is signed to Sir Kuti Entertainment, an imprint of that opens the video.

The Alaga Ibile himself brought on his energetic vibes and too much sauce to deliver the song, one hundred percent. It was really greased up with spice with no other person but Reminisce. Shotiye is a jam that must not be left out of anyone's playlist.

Shotiye is a renowned sound with high stakes of excellence. Shotiye (do you understand?) is coming from a versatile style musician. This song is composed of very meaningful and organized lyrics and was well presented.

Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru known as Reminisce and Alaga Ibile is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and Rapper from Ogun State. He performs in his native language which is Yoruba. Reminisce does a blend of Hip Hop, rap and Afro beat. He has been active in the music Industry since 2008 till date.

Reminisce mean to indulge in enjoyable reconciliation of past events, and the first four letters are a shortened form of his first name Remilekun. Jayden Ikins is a Nigerian household name, a musical icon amongst today's youth, and a recognised artist. 'This na street inspiration and they all wanna listen 'we are the player, we are climbing'. The singer brags about himself and his doings.

He says shey you understand, he is glowing, 'them don make headlines'. He brags about his achievements, Mehn! The guys get levels. He'd be cruising through the city. He is fine, looking pretty and of course na ladies would form lines to meet him. Jayden Ikins says he is something special.

Jayden says he is on a mission to work on his vision. Everyone would want to listen to this accurate jam. The video quality is standard. Proper scenes, lights and cameras in right positions accompanied with real vibes. Jayden doesn't talk about his achievements alone, he also involves his pals.

These guys are all the way up, they party and party. Notice that Jayden Ikins uses the pronoun We in most of his verses. That means he celebrates others and himself too. It's no surprise when these successful and notable artists sing of their fame and success story.

The truth is, it is not an easy journey in the music Industry. It's One thing to be in music and it's another thing to remain in music despite the high rate of competition. Jayden Ikins realises that he is not too big, but he is something special. That is humility to me.

However, he says he is flying and he is not crashing. Music is a game and he is not playing around with it. He takes music seriously. Well, the beat, I particularly like, it sounds foreign. Jayden displays his good dress sense in this video as a true champion, and so did Reminisce.

Every other thing about the song and music video is cool. Listen and be thrilled by good music

Date 2018-07-16
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