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Heard about the name that is so powerful that it causes demons to tremble as soon as it is mentioned? Heard about the name that is so awesome that every knee bows as soon as it is mentioned? Have you heard about the "WONDERFUL NAME" JESUS. This song is powerful!

Created: 17 January 2022
Views: 78
DJ Holystep

Sunday Okoro who is popularly known as DJ Holystep loves being a DJ and you can tell by his mood and performance when he mixes songs, It gives him joy to the fullest each and everytime he is at it. Like he would alsways say; 

Created: 16 January 2022
Views: 122

Fast rising Nigerian hip-hop artist "Milesboi" has come up with a sweet melody. The track is an astounding one that should not hesitate to be in your playlist. This new single is titled "Bestie" was produced by K.N Best. This is an interesting song and you should get your copy right now, while it...

Created: 15 January 2022
Views: 93

Nnaoma Princewilll Chigozie who is also popularly known as prince-china (prince-china) is one of the Nigeria's fast rising and youngest Southeast creative Cenimatographer, Director of photography (DOP) Singer, Songwriter, Photographer, editor, Comedian, Content Creator, Graphics designer, Computer wizard...

Created: 15 January 2022
Views: 142

Talented Nigerian Southeast Cinematographer, Photographer, Videographer, singer, songwriter, comedian, releases an impressive record, tagged as "Omalicha". Prince China  is the CEO/founder of of Prince China Media Productions and CEO/founder of Fantastic Comedy.

Created: 14 January 2022
Views: 247
The La Buena Vida Lifestyle
Millionaire's Hub

THE LA BUENA VIDA PROJECT This project was created by C21FG; A non-governmental initiative made up of individuals from different works of life. An organisation of smart and forward thinking people who believe in holistic wealth. With La Buena Vida, selected partners can control global market share...

Created: 06 January 2022
Views: 106

Drex is the latest and hottest kid on the block. Currently in search of a record label to better manage his innate talents. Impossibly is only one of the hits in his line up and it was not easy for us to decide not to put  his content out here for all to download. For now, you can only stream...

Created: 03 January 2022
Views: 126

Many atime, I hear people make this statement; "Forgive and Forget" and I wonder how they reason in their deep seated selfishness. It is the same people who make this statement that often turn around to betray and hurt you because if they knew the meaning of what they have just said, and they...

Created: 03 January 2022
Views: 302

After the release of Rap It Up EP by Godspraise Moss a few months back, He is here again with another Gospel EP titled; "Times of Refresing". Times of Refreshing is a 5 track EP consisting of the songs below. It is always something to look out for when it concerns Godspraise Moss. Enjoy

Created: 29 December 2021
Views: 150

This a new tune to identify with the season. Currently everyone is catching feelings for one ideology or the other. While some are catching feelings for that special someone, many others are desperately catching feelings with the idea that they can be rich enough to paint the town red in this...

Created: 28 December 2021
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