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The Reward for Secrecy
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One who understands the principle of speaking less, is already a winner. A man without secret is a walking dead. So many times, in our human weakness, we trust too much and place the secrets of our lives in the hands of others believing they are safe.

Created: 05 January 2022
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This is one behavior that is common in Africa and with Africans. Knowingly or unknowingly, people exhibit this attitude. Envy and entitlement behavior, is the last degree to attain before bagging the degree of witchcraft. In as much as Generosity is preached and the need to have a bit of humanity...

Created: 03 January 2022
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At conception, a battle was fought and you won. Out of a million or more sperm heads, you conquered. Life is a battle ground, each day comes with its own monsters to conquer. Therefore, there's need for strategic positioning to identifying one's threat, etc.

Created: 03 January 2022
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I feel alot of heaviness in my heart having to write on this topic. Experience they say is the greatest teacher. It is so saddening how it now seems like life does not matter on this continent that we have found ourselves.

Created: 10 December 2021
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The Man In The Mirror
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Uneducated, depressed, rejected, disabled and weak. He stands feebly and tattered. This is the description of the man in the mirror. He stared right in the mirror frustrated, he wished to be whole, happy and accepted. Angered at his circumstance, He stands still, a blindfold laid over his face.

Created: 17 November 2021
Views: 111
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What is mediocrity? It is defined by the Oxford dictionary of current English as, averageness, ordinariness. A person of second rate ability or value. Moderate to inferior in quality. Mediocrity is an issue to be dealt with. As many do not understand where to draw the line between mediocrity and...

Created: 14 November 2021
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The Demon Within
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Life is a divine gift, given to humanity by the creator himself (God). As individuals there are many things, that we have the ability to change. Certainly not our parents. Whereas some are fortunate to be birthed with silver spoon, others are birthed with bronze or probably wooden spoon as the...

Created: 12 November 2021
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Oh Son of the dust, how cruel is thy rulership? Democrat on the outside, tyrant on the inside. Thou made thy way into power, on the agenda of change. On the trust of the masses, thou soared high. In thy hands was a Worthy economic strategy to change the nation, but reverse was the case, as it...

Created: 09 November 2021
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A Powerful Mind
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The word mind is defined by the Oxford dictionary of current English, as the faculty of consciousness or thought. The mind is a power house. From it comes the ability to build or destroy, kill or give life. For instance, before an individual commits murder, the mind had already executed this agenda.

Created: 08 November 2021
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I seldomly write about social issues, sometimes I write from my experience or people's experiences. Marriage as an institution issues certificate to its students before commencement of lectures, test and exams.

Created: 07 November 2021
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