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Made for You by Banky W (Review by Becca Green)

banky w made for you

Banky W has released a soul soothing tune titled Made For You. This track was produced by master Kraft. It's a song for that special person in Banky W's life, speaking of Adesua Etomi.

As we already know Banky W is known for his proficiency in romantic songs. The self acclaimed Mr Capable does R&B and soul genres of music. This track is a song for the season. It is a classy song. It could remind one of his first love and make one fall in love again. We can't just get enough of this song.

It would be unforgettable. The song is beautiful and very delightful. Mr Capable sings this song from his heart with much love for his heart beat, no other than Adesua Etomi. This song gives me goose pimples. It is great indeed. Empire Mates CEO, Banky W whose real name is Olubankole Wellington is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and mentor.

His other names are Mr Capable, Mr W, King of the Lagos party. He is married to Adesua Etomi. He possesses strong vocals with which he produces sweet melody. Banky W sings this song to his heart beat, Adesua. At the beginning Adesua felt the relationship between she and Banky were going nowhere.

She opted for them to discuss it but to no avail as Banky seemed not to be interested. However, he knows deep down that he loves her and she is all he wanted. He is made for her and she is made for him. She slept and woke up to a pleasant surprise.

Banky W begins to profess his love for her as if they just met and she smiles like that is what she had been expecting to hear him say. Banky tells her she is the air that he breathes. He tells Her she completes him. In a pre-hook, Banky further says that just like the stars were meant to light the sky, like the sun was made to shine and like the moon was made to light the night, like the sky is blue so is she to him. Such words are not just for people that mean nothing to him.

They are strong words that only the precious to him deserves. Banky has made it clear since he found Adesua that She is the only one he wants today and forever. She alone can complete him. Banky W has also proven that by getting married to Adesua.

Though Banky W does this song for his heartbeat Adesua, any other man should do the same when he finds a woman that completes him. Don't worry if you don't know how to sing well, you can write it down. With this song, we have seen how beautiful love can be.

How real love can be with the right person. With such display of love from this video, today, in our society the rates of in and out of relationship will be minimized. Banky also made us to understand that no one is perfect but love hides the imperfections.

No relationship is perfect, and without ups and downs, good and bad times but love can help to scale through it. We see excitement from Adesua and we also see in her eyes and her smile that she reciprocates Banky's love for her as she accepts to be his forever at the end of the video.

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The music and visuals were perfect. Nothing was found wanting. The scenes were beautiful, the lyrics were loveable. No extra act just the two lovebirds. This is a song for all seasons. Here you have it as it is Made for You. Enjoy!


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