Lyrics of "He Will Return" by Just Jude

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Lv: He was sinless 
He was spotless
He was faultless
But he gave his life 4 us..x2
Choir: He was sinless
He was spotless
He was faultless
But he gave his life 4us x2
He will return, as he ascended
He will return, Jesus returns oh yeah
He will return, as he ascended
Are you ready....x2
Lv: Jesus,will return oh 
Savior, will return....x2
Choir: Jesus will return oh
Saviour will return x4
What a perfect love that God has shown
For giving his only son
He sent him into the world
And even to suffer for our sins
He was tortured, He was beaten
And he was crucified
He died he was buried,and the third day he rose again
What a victory hallelujah
He had a Victory over death
If he was risen from  the dead
He will surely return again x3

FB IMG 15451397435218095

Download this beautiful rendition of the second coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth titled: "HE WILL RETURN" by Fyenaku Moses Jude aka Just Jude. Download, Listen & Enjoy. I would appreciate it, if you take your time to also share. More grace for exploits. See: Lyrics of "He will Return" by Fyenaku Moses


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