Lyrics of Adam & Eve by Stargold

Lyrics of Adam & Eve

 D wey you move ur body,
Girl you're killing me,
And you luk so romantic,
And I don't mind if ur deceiving me
Girl you confuse me,
 Dey wey you move ur body,
And the more u d lov me ,
I'm ready to spend all my salary..
You're the flesh of my flesh,
Flesh of my flesh×2

You're the bone of my bone,
Bone of my bone×2

Verse 1
Girl you luk so beautiful every thing about you meaningful, because of you girl I'll learn kunfu so if dem try you I'll kick dem with my boot, eehh
I'll take you to church, if dem like make the talk, I'll love you to the call and our love no go stop there, girl me and you for life, girl i want to do u right, come close make i squeeze you tight cus with you by my side I'll feel alright.
Only you only you
Me and you me and you
Girl you look so beautiful everything about you meaningful

Verse 2
On the way to calabar
We go go see my mama
On the way to America
Girl I know say you like am
Girl na me and you weda gud or bad I go fight for you like maywether anything you want i go buy hnnnnn i go buy

×2, anything wey you want i go give give you
So you'll know i was missing you, for your neck i go kiss kiss you and i promise never to deceive you

I love you girl I love you girl
I love you,
I need you girl i need you uuu
I need you,
I'm in love with you I'm in love with you girl
I'm in love with you.
I just wanna tell you how much that I love you