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Lyrics of Am In Love - Cospad


Lyrics of "Am in love" by Cospad[Download MP3] Am In Love - Cospad


Cospad on deck

Verse 1

I love the way she wine that
The way she rotate that Boody go low
Gabby give me more hhaa
For your love girl I sing song ehhye
Cos the things you do
Gat me feeling cool here
I can't really say all the things have seen
Girl you blow my mind
Girl do dat dety wine for me
Slowly o na tomu ka honey
I don't need the lap dance
Toguwe for your boy holypass

I no go buy you porsh on like chioma
Baby  girl forget them maka ejim ifoma
Am addicted to you
And you are addicted to me
Baby show me love cos no one Conner
 The way you do me that thing maka iji kpologo
Flexing with your guys with tekno jogodo
  For your seak psquare sing asampkocoto    
Anything you say baby girl a ma do          
    So me say

Am in love
Baby give me love cos I promise to die for you
Am in love
If the take you to London girl a ma come for you
Am in love
No matter the bad news girl a ma stand by you
Am in love
Anywhere you go baby girl a ma come
So me say

Verse 2
She say she wonna penalize me
Cos na sugar boy make her to legalize
Girl I love the way you are
Cos my baby wine it so different
She her beauty is natural
And her black is original
For the seak of love I swear my girl you dey box my brain ooo
Ifunaiya mu eehh
Arapulamu ooo i
Anywhere you go I will go cos na you
Wey dey dance to my solo

Den hook

Before chorus

Out tro  
Bros if you no love her na wetin you gain
Cospad on deck