Lyrics of Adokanya - Onaji Bishop .O

Adokanya, odobogawu eee na kele we 3x. [MP3] Adokanya - Onaji Bishop .O

I will sing of your goodness
You are the Adokanya ,you are the Adokele, Ogologidi Baba
He who has the final say,you are the Adokanya , Adokanya 
He who has the end and the beginning of a matter you are  Adokanya eee
You are the all powerful God ,all powerful God you are , yes you are Adokanya yeaeee
Adokanya eee ,Odobogawu eee na kele we 2x
Verse 1
You are the first and last
The beginning and the end 
Ekwueme naraekele no
God of yesterday, God of today, God of tomorrow and forevermore 
You deserve my praise, you deserve my honour my Hallelujah all belong to You
 Adokanya eee            
(Repeat chorus)
What my Father can not do Lord ,you have done it for me 
What my Mother can not do Lord, you have done it for me
What my money could not buy Lord,you have done it for me
What my Doctor could not handle Lord, you have done it for me 
Miracle Papa eee
Merciful Papa eee
Faithful God naraekele mo 2x
Ending part 
Help me sing Ado....(Adokanya)
Adokanya (Adokanya)
Adokanya (Adokanya)
Adokanya (Adokanya)
Adokanya eee odobogawu eee
Na kele we......2x