Free Gospel Music Uploads On FastclickMedia.Com.Ng

Free Gospel Music Upload on FastclickMedia.Com.Ng

Free Gospel Music Upload on FastclickMedia.Com.Ng

Get The Downloads That You Require to Become A Star!

Do you know that it takes just one Big Promotion to become the Star that you want to become?

Let's Face it.

When it comes to Applications, there is just one website that counts and that's Google Play because, they are the biggest key players in the hosting of Android Applications and on their website/app store, organisations, individuals are rated and become famous by how many downloads their Applications have been able to attract.

Stay with me.

Fastclick Media is out to do the same with Music Promotion in Nigeria and so, instead of placing your songs on so many websites where you can't actually predict how many persons have downloaded your content, uploading your content on Fastclick Media will be a plus cause you can easily access stats on your upload and how well your song is doing on Fastclick Media.

To Add Your Gospel Song to Fastclick Media will cost you only 0,00 Today.

We also have other sites you can promote on through our Platform and this is openly displayed in the packages below;

₦0,00 Package - Promotion on Only FastclickMedia.Com.Ng

(This Offer Does Not Include Music Promotion on Partner Sites).


To Promote Your Gospel Song Now, Forward the following Details;

  1. MP3 File,
  2. Music Summary,
  3. Music Art &
  4. Artist Biography

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As Soon as your Song is processed, (Uploaded & Promoted), we will mail you with the download link.

Thanks for your anticipated Response.