Hushpuppi acquires a brand new Ferrari

Malaysia based Nigerian, Ray Hushpuppi, who is popularly known for his extravagant lifestyle on Instagram, has acquired yet another luxurious ride. The extravagant dude and Nigerian big boy took to his Instagram page to show off the red Ferrari and wrote: 'It’s a Rarri baby? Limited Edition 1 out of 10  #MyNewBaby  #Ferrari #Number4. ' Well, trust Nigerians always have something to talk about everything.

Here is this one saying:

  • @Anonymous  Make una shut up. Who told u he bought it. All this things are hired or on monthly payment. And he may not have paid completely, he can choose to return it back after 5months and the dealer will still collect it. His payment stops and the dealer auctions it. That is how good structure insurance in well sensible countries behave
  • @Anonymous  I’m yet to see this fake ass man drive any of those cars he claimed he bought and do live video, this guy can’t even rent the car to pose with it same way people do here in California.
  • @Anonymous This guy no dey tire of going around window shopping at Cars showroom to take pictures of Cars he Cannot afford! He can’t even text drive the car for Instagram likes.
  • @Anonymous  Lol! All these are paid advert. The youth should take notice of it, not to go and involve themselves in any shoddy deals that would dispute their reputation.. Hushpuppi never bought any Ferarri, he's just advising for VIP motors.
  • @"GOD's PIKKIN"  If you like go and join because you want to be like hush puppy Look at the first pix, He's standing aside from the car, and the rest of the pix is just the car, he couldn't pose inside to show us the interior. ALL NA WASH .

All these comments suggest dissatisfaction with the news that hushpuppi got a new whip referring to it as a lie and fake living. Yet there are some positive comments that suggest it could actually be real and worth celebrating. In any case, we are happy for Hushpuppi true or not and just for emphasis Nigerian youths please work the right work for your money and do not live a fake life using any celebrity's lifestyle as an excuse.

Ray Hushpuppi, popularly known as Hushpuppi, Aja 4 or Aja Puppi, is a Nigerian media personality. He came into limelight after offering a lot of controversial remarks regarding several Nigerian celebrities. He has even had some heated war of words with popular celebrities in Nigeria, most notably Davido. Hushpuppi flaunts expensive clothing, wristwatches, shoes, etc. on his social media handles. As expected, his luxurious lifestyle and controversial opinions have helped earn him both friends and foes. In many of his posts, he has explained that he didn’t start out rich. People who knew him in Lagos confirmed this report by claiming that he became rich after moving from Nigeria to Malaysia.  

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