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Foreign by Falz and Simi (Review by Becca Green)

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Foreign by Falz and Simi

This music video is more of a comedy skit (Its hilarious joor). That is how some people will be doing Like they are foreign (I tire o). Falz Haba u enter canteen,instead u go chop or better still find who u go follow gum body to help your pay for the food,you begin make trouble dey show yourself (Guy Calm down).

I no even see you pay the keke man o, wey come drop u(International guy). Haba! What's up with the confession, shey e conzine pezon. Like say that girl no say nothing come out for your side, she throway your ATM card.

Falz you like trouble sha,with your garment u dey ask for international food. U know, when I heard this song without seen the video yet, I thought I heard the chorus to be 'Am Sorry ',now I know it's 'Am foreign. Hahaha! Falz drives his Friend's helicopter...please let's ask him 'Where is your own bicycle?

Forget all this Bobo, bring out the money, let the people feel your presence Kilode! You are supppoze to be throwing dollaz. Simi, the beautiful Simi, best at what she does. I guess her friend was telling her about some dude but hey!

She is foreign, he is not her type. and if you can check her account, she is into dollars (into big things). Of course she is balling (we dey see am). At least she did not complain about her food even though she couldn't pay for it. Lol. Foreign Simi, international Falz Now the challenge! Make we see who foreign pass. I think Simi won the challenge. Falz own is photoshopping(lol.am no hater o).

Hmmmm. Our Foreign baby Simi no too like winter, so she travel for December (this bae will not kill pezin lol), she wants to fly to Europe if she see say no go slow (For air or for her wings). And after all the noise, no money to pay for food (Its bad ni)

Now what about the song?

This song depicts a nobody forming to be somebody (From the song o), a Kpako forming Ajebota (Itz alright). This is reality. Such people exist. Maybe they are actually foreign but haters would not just let them enjoy their foreign status (Like some people). Is it because of their garment or their accent or the little local blood in them (that is cauzing discrimination ni) but any which way all na packaging.

We gat impress na. The totality of the Story is reflected in the song, the drama well complemented the scenes, active and vibrant from start to finish. The beat was dope,its harmonizes the sound and vocals. Simi and Falz have distinctive great vocals. The dress sense looked like a local garment on a foreign body especially Simi's dress. (All nice concept).

Everyone who featured in the music video contributed to achieving a great video, they were well blended in every scene. This song is Foreign and International, you should check it out


Date 2018-06-03
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